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Geesh! So, so gooood. I want to go back and watch the workshops I invested in 10 more times. These courses blew my mind and had so many things I wish I known years ago when I first started. Just get them. You won’t regret it!

The Posing Workshop

The tools I have implemented & learned from are total building blocks to create more business for me as a photographer! This has been a great way for me to gain more business… As a photographer, you have to learn so much information to better your business and this is 100% the best content I’ve had! I’m extremely grateful to learn from a photographer who knows how to help the industry.

Honey Presets

These guides are more than just a way to be successful, book all your inquiries, and be more professional — they are a reminder to stay true to who you are and are guaranteed to be helpful to anyone who uses them. Connecting with your couples is my #1 goal, and these guides helped put into words the connection I needed from the very beginning. Download these guides. They will change your life.

The Guide to Client Guides
3 Small Things With Major Impact For Clients

Learn from the top educators in the industry teaching what they do best through online workshops & video courses. It’s a one-stop-shop around here.

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From custom Camera Harnesses to editing Presets to Design Templates — these tools will help you level up your business and your everyday.

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Whether you’re just learning the ins & outs of running a business, looking to further your ability & skillset, or you’re in a creative rut after years of shooting – these Guides cover a vast range of topics, tactics, and strategies for all.

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Tips & Tricks, Interviews with artists, helpful resources & more for photographers and creatives of all levels of experience.

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Take It From The Students

Danielle O,General

Thank you for consistently putting out quality content. I’ve been following you since Day 1 of my photography business and your workshops, and education tools have really challenged me and pushed me to the next level with my business. So much so – I’ve felt confidence to go full-time and am approaching one year of a successful full-time business. So from a sincere and consistent customer / photographer friend, thank you so much for caring about your content and helping us grow!

Priscilla,Passive Income

Hi. I’m 7 minutes into the passive income course (finally) and I just have to tell you that I already know it’s worth every penny. I was so hesitant to invest this much money into something but I genuinely am so excited to be here for this and I have zero regrets. I am 22 and feel like the world is swirling all around me. Everyone I know just graduated college and are starting their full time jobs and for me, thinking about being a slave to my work for 40 years or even what the fuck I want to do has sucked the joy out of me. Cause honestly I don’t want to rely on something that exhausts me to survive but this course is exactly what I needed and has come to me at such a perfect and pivotal time and I’m just here for it. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to unpack everything you’ve offered, thank you so much

McKenzie Lautt,Presets

The preset itself is amazing (and all of the modifiers + brushes), but the educational content that comes with it takes it to a whole new level! On top of learning how to maximize the preset, I learned so much about lightroom and shooting as well! India\’s videos feel so personal and friendly as well. I haven\’t felt so inspired to create in a long time! Thank you!!

Shey Allen,Passive Income

“I’ve been a full time video editor for 7 years now and have always loved to mentor. I’ve always wanted to create an online course but just kept pushing it away because it was too intimidating and I didn’t feel like ‘that person,’ I had no idea where to start. I really wanted to learn from India and her masterclass, and it has taught me everything from start to finish on not only how to create an online product, but how to sell and market it which is so necessary. I would not have known where to start, what to do, I didn’t know anything. But after taking this course I feel SO much more confident in my product, SO excited to to create and sell it. I cannot recommend this course enough!”

Thrive Education,Passive Income

“We seriously had no clue what we were doing when we first decided to start working on our educational platform “Thrive”. Then India stepped in and had so many amazing ideas and taught us things we never would have known or would have had to figure out years later. India held our hand and walked us through things, so when we launched we felt fully ready and everything went amazing. We wouldn’t be in the same place as we are now without India. If you’re interested in her Passive Income Masterclass, I highly HIGHLY recommend it!”

Joanna Eliza,photoshop actions

I have no words to describe how valuable these actions are. My photography leveled up in a way I cannot describe and I rave about these actions all day long. I now run every single photo I edit through lightroom and photoshop, and it has taken a gallery from being something I love to something I am so emotionally obsessed with and will cry at every photo.

Alix Loosle,

You definitely opened my mind up to some new viewpoints and am SO thankful. I listen to a lot of podcasts and there’s something very special about one-on-one advice–especially from someone with your knoweldge. I feel very lucky!

Dayna T,Build Your Brand Workbook

I loved this workbook! The prompts are really fun and original — not like questions I’ve seen in other brand guides. The exercises really got me to dig deep and think creatively about my brand message. If you are stuck in a branding rut, or just excited to add a fresh voice to the ideas you’re passionate about, I highly recommend this workbook! Seriously, it’s so helpful and fun, and super affordable. Do it do it do it!!!!!

Erin G,Posing Workshop

OKAY WOW. I don’t even know where to begin. I purchased this course YESTERDAY and I’m already so dang impressed. I’ve purchased courses that have cost me thousands of dollars, and I’ve learned so much more in the first 2 videos of this course that only cost me a few hundred. I wish I had invested in this so much sooner. What I love a lot about this course is that India doesn’t try to be overly professional or make everything sound perfect, she is 100% herself and talks naturally which makes such a difference in how I’m able to absorb the information she’s saying. She makes you feel like a friend and less like a student. And I know she says this so many times, but this course truly is SO much more than a list of poses — and that’s what sets it apart from every other course. She teaches you how to be confident and turn her posing into your own. I cannot wait to apply what I’ve learned so far!! If you’re feeling burnt out or like you’ve repeated the same poses a million times just like I did, this course is SO worth it, the investment is small compared to the value of what you’ll learn. Thank you, India, for BLESSING photographers with this course.

O’Malley K,Seo Is Fun Masterclass

run. don’t walk! if you re totally lost when it comes to SEO and google, or even if you know a little already this course is for you. it does exactly what it claims to do and breaks down how to get the most out of your website content to boost your client stream. catalina makes everything so easy to understand with step by step guidance and tips and tricks along the way. The course will pay for itself in no time. totally worth the investment in your business! 10 out of 10 would recommend!

Eunice,Seo Is Fun Masterclass

I knew point blank zero about SEO before this course, and this has helped me IMMENSELY. Catalina is extremely thorough in her explanations and makes SEO actually so fun. I’ve watched it over 3 times already and have learned something new every time. Cannot recommend it enough!

Amelia,Seo Is Fun Masterclass

I’m so happy I bought this course! Catalina breaks it down so you can actually implement in a way that will give you REAL results. She explains step-by-step how to improve your website to directly enhance your SEO. The tools I have learned are totally building blocks to create more business for me as a photographer! This has been a great way for me to learn and result in more business, real results are so important to me. As a photographer you have to learn so much information to better your business and this is 100% the best content I’ve had for SEO! I’m extremely grateful to learn from a photographer who knows how to help the industry.

Christine,Seo Is Fun Masterclass

I highly recommend this course to anyone on the fence about it. I started making changes on my website and within 2 weeks I was on the first page of Google for my target keywords and for some of them I made it to the #1 spot! SO AMAZING, I was shocked at how fast it worked. The changes are simple and Catalina breaks everything down and explains it so well.

Emma S,Seo Is Fun Masterclass

This course came at just the right time for me! India and Catalina announced the SEO workshop on the same day I had decided to get serious about learning it. I started this course with not knowing more than what the acronym stood for and now I feel as though I could teach the basics to someone else. Anything you were wondering about SEO and how to actually get started right here and right now is explained. Highly recommend for anyone looking to get themselves out their organically, stop refreshing IG waiting for the followers to not pour in, and take their soul dream and business seriously.


Geshhh, SO SO GOOOOOD! I wanna go back and watch it 10 more times.#butactually This workshop is the college class i alwaysss wish i could have taken. EVERYTHING you need to know to become an expert and be efficient at Lightroom, Photoshop, and Photo Mechanic and MORE. This course blew my miiind and i wish i could have learned these things years ago when i first started. So whether you’re a beginner or have been doing photographer for a while now, this is for YOU! It’s worth every penny, so do it! Click the button, GET IT! You won’t regret it!

Kylie M,Workflow

Another incredibly useful and amazing tool for photographers!! This workshop with Grace and India is absolutely amazing for wanting to get into the nitty grittiness of Lightroom– all the little tiny questions that everyone in the back of their minds are actually kind of dying to know, how to use it correctly, how to get it set up for success, and how to speed up your time spent at the computer editing!! It will make you excited to start editing again! It’s actually mind blowing how much info is packed into this workshop.

Casey C,Artificial Lighting

This course is LIFE CHANGING. Who needs the sun when you have this course. Was shooting an engagement session at a greenhouse this morning and we had the darkest most miserable rain storm of life. THANK GOD I brought the Westcottdiffuser and took the artificial light workshop or I think I would have burst into tears on the spot.

Christine S,Artificial Lighting

The Indoor + Artificial Light course came JUST in time because my wedding on Saturday would not have turned out nearly as beautiful without it! Most of my weddings are at venues with a great outdoor areas so I can capitalize on the natural light for all the “pretty”/non-reception photos… The Indoor + Artificial Light course came JUST in time because my wedding on Saturday would not have turned out nearly as beautiful without it. Thanks so much, Eden :)

Kristen B,Artificial Lighting

I’m currently at a wedding using the westcott for the first time and I have to say how awesome it is! Thanks for giving me confidence to use it.

Casey C,Artificial Lighting

I invested in a LOT of education last year… Without question, Eden’s artificial lighting course was the single most valuable investment I made! I feel confident that I am going to deliver my clients their dream images no matter what the lighting situation is. It feels like a super power (and it kind of is). If you’re wondering if the workshop is worth it – it is. Thank you, Eden.

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