“Geesh! So, so gooood. I want to go back and watch the workshops I invested in 10 more times. These courses blew my mind and had so many things I wish I knew years ago when I first started. Just get them. You won’t regret it!”

The Posing Workshop

“I am just starting my business and reading through the exercises and the topics covered – there are some invaluable tips and strategies that will help me stay focused and hopefully skip some of the frustrations of getting started. Could not have come at a better time!”

Honey Presets

“Honestly, this guide is killer. As I was reading through it, it actually got me excited to jump into my emails + take better care of my new inquiries. I think this is a great reminder to care for our clients. But it really is SO much more than that. This guide is really thorough, straightforward, clear, and encouraging. I like the honest truth in it.”

The Guide to Client Guides
3 Small Things With Major Impact For Clients

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From custom Camera Harnesses to Presets to Design Templates, these tools will help you level up your business and your everyday.

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Take it From The Students

Matthew Lim Photography,growth book

If you’re like me, you are just kind of doing what you see other people are doing and hoping to grow through it. I’m finding that only works to an extent and that I need an extra push to quote, “level up.” As I’ve worked through it, Growth has been what I have need to stab at the dark less and begin to meaningfully, intentionally, and comprehensively grow. Incredibly detailed and thought through, the exercises are what takes Growth to the next level, in my opinion. It’s what separates it from everyone that has told you, “Here is what I’ve done, maybe it’ll work for you.”, and gives you concrete steps through which you can uniquely build your business off of. But, don’t buy this if you don’t want to put in the work to grow. At least that is what I told myself. And it’s true.

For His Glory Photos,growth book

I just downloaded “GROWTH” and haven’t had a chance to go through it in detail, but I am excited to start! I am just starting my business and just reading through the exercises and the topics covered, there are some invaluable tips and strategies that will help me stay focused and hopefully skip some of the frustrations of getting started. Could not have come at a better time!

Anni Graham,growth book

I read through it all and it’s really amazing. I feel like you covered so much in such a practical way!

Bridget Couwenhoven,

What you’ve taught me has forever shaped how I view my business. You challenged me in so many different areas and allowed no short-cuts. I needed someone to make me prove that photography is what I wanted to do. A year and a half later, I am finally at that “spot” where I am happy with my progress, my business, my hard work. Thank you for developing my career, challenging me in ways no one else could, and inspiring me to be a boss.

Dayna Turnblom Photography,Client Guide Design Templates

“So I just finished my pricing guide with your Bella template, and HAD to email you! I am so so beyond grateful. It’s so easy to see the work and heart you put into these templates, and they are beyond perfect. I love that you made them in InDesign and pushed me to learn my way around in there! It was so easy to tweak and customize things so that they fit my brand and personality.”

Kelsey Moll Photography,Client Guide Design Templates

Thanks to you I was able to create a pricing guide relatively painlessly, and I now have a beautiful and thoughtful document to send to prospective clients that clearly makes a case for my heart as a photographer and the value of my services. The template you created is beautiful, the support was a lifesaver, and my new guide is surely going to benefit my business. Thank you thank you.

Meg Newton Photography,Client Guide Design Templates

“Carina’s template just gave my business the biggest boost! I’ve never used InDesign before but she walked me through step by step and it was a breeze to customize. I’m so proud to send out my pricing guides how and I can’t wait to purchase more designs from Carina!”

Brady Bates Photography,Client Guide Design Templates

“They have such a sleek, professional, minimal look. I loved that there were so many pages and there was plenty of room to educate my clients. I just can’t say enough great things about it. 10/10 recommend.”

– Karisa Anna Photography,Client Guide Design Templates

“Carina’s pricing guide template took my professionalism as a photographer to the next level. Her sections are thorough and her prompts are incredibly helpful. I finally feel confident sharing my worth alongside my prices to potential clients!”

Mikaela Antonelli,Posing Workshop

I just wanted to say I bought your posing guide a while back and I always feel like my shots are bad and weird after my shoots but after your guide I feel fully confident in what I got! It’s literally helped me so much with getting more authentic shots. Also I love the whole last 15 seconds be as weird as possible because I get some of my favorite shots there

Lexie Haslem,Presets

I have edited two weddings with your new honey presets and it has taken me a 2-3 hours per wedding. THEY WORK SO FLAWLESSLY AND ARE SAVING ME SO MUCH TIME. It’s obvious you poured your heart and soul into them- So thank you!! Literally never been able to use just one preset on a wedding. You have changed my whole life. I run a successful business, working when I want, and how I want doing what I love. I bought my first camera 2 years ago and stumbled upon your education and took it all straight to heart. I did it all. I know everything I know from you. You’re an incredible business woman and I look up to you for that but I mean you should realize you’re literally changing peoples lives and setting us free to be the creatives that we want to be! I am finally happy and balanced in life. Something I was searching for. THANK YOU.

Bailey Dougan,Presets

INDIA! This preset package and the video is something I wish every photographer would invest in. I’m so excited to finish watching the videos so I can dive into editing. I’ve truly never been this excited to edit photos I used to dread it. So THANK YOU!!! You are so very talented and I look up to you so much !

Shauna B.,Seo Is Fun Masterclass

Catalina’s approach will make you laugh, make you seriously question your nerd cred, and teach you to slay the evil SEO monster at the same time. If you want practical steps for improving your SEO and getting more bookings, you need some Catalina wisdom in your life.

Carly F.,Seo Is Fun Masterclass

Seriously. I never would have thought learning SEO would be SO interesting. Catalina has such a unique approach and is so knowledgeable on every aspect of it. She actually made me excited to learn more!

Angela H.,Seo Is Fun Masterclass

Catalina is the BOMB!! I’m re-structuring my photography business and was worried about losing my page 1 google ranking, The tips she taught me, while being a completely authentic and amazing human being are second to none.

Collette R.,Seo Is Fun Masterclass

Catalina does an amazing job breaking down the technical side of google, and how search engines work. Personally, as a visual person, I was very appreciative of how she integrates all learning styles into her lesson and presentations. She truly has a passion for knowledge, and helping others succeed

Helene C.,Seo Is Fun Masterclass

Catalina is a gem! She makes SEO fun, literally! Something that was so daunting to me is now a curiosity and I’m not so overwhelmed. Thank you!!!

Eden S.,Seo Is Fun Masterclass

Catalina is AMAZING and so knowledgable about SEO. She makes the learning process both easy + fun!

Sachin K.,Seo Is Fun Masterclass

SEO really is fun with wizard boss legend Catalina. Her passion for it and her business is contagious .. so if you want to take your biz to the next level, and have a laugh while doing it, Catalina is your answer.

Madalena L.,Seo Is Fun Masterclass

My business never showed up on Google search as a wedding photographer and now I’m following up my ranks and I actually saw my business there today!

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