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A workshop created to financially empower you. I'm here to teach you how to define & add value to your entire brand, effectively price your offerings, sell with confidence, and make the money you’ve dreamed of.

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“So, so good. I want to go back and watch the workshops I invested in 10 more times. These courses blew my mind and had so many things I wish I had known years ago when I first started. Just get them. You won’t regret it!”

The Posing Workshop

The tools I have implemented & learned from are total building blocks to create more business for me as a photographer! This has been a great way for me to gain more business… As a photographer, you have to learn so much information to better your business and this is 100% the best content I’ve had! I’m extremely grateful to learn from a photographer who knows how to help the industry.

Honey Presets

These guides are more than just advice to build a successful business — they also show you how to intuitively lead yourself and create your own version of success along the way.

Client Workflow Bundle

Learn from the top educators in the industry teaching what they do best through online workshops & video courses. It’s a one-stop-shop around here.

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Shop presets, camera harnesses, design templates, and more.

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Whether you’re just starting out or you’re in a creative rut after years of shooting – our guides cover a vast range of topics, tactics, and strategies for all.

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Fernanda,Pricing Workshop

India’s pricing workshop is mind-blowing. seriously. I have been a full time photographer for just 5 months now and I already went from charging $500 for a session to charging $925 with no questions asked (or discounts) from my clients. I now truly know how to attract the right clients to my website and have them valuing my work just by changing my website, the copy and the customer workflow. not to mention I finally work with my dream clients who hire me for my style and creative and don’t bring a million references to copy from other photogs haha. I honestly think this workshop is worth thousands of dollars for the ROI it can bring any photographer. Thank you, India. You’re truly an amazing human, photographer and educator.

Claire Hemmert,Honey Preset

I have never found a preset that is better than this one. This is the thing I purchased that initially made me trust India. She knows her stuff, so if you are thinking about purchasing anything from her, just do it! I promise the investment is worth it.

Claire Hemmert,Pricing Workshop

I am so impressed by the Pricing Workshop. It is out of this world! I seriously can’t stress enough how much confidence this brings to my business and my work. Invest in yourself, like right now!

Grey Kenna,

“India! I took a leap and made the investment in this workshop without knowing if it would resonate with me in this season, and even though i’ve only skimmed through the workbook, I gotta say: this is such an incredible thing you’ve created. this course is written in a way that re-approaches the idea of profit + money from a place of valuing people\’s time and work, and a desire to teach folks how to engage with small business in a way that honors their dignity as artists and as people. This has been really rare to find for me! I\’m so grateful for how generous you’ve been with your experiences and knowledge on these topics while still prioritizing each student to generate their own thoughts, goals, and perspectives to incorporate into their own photography practice + business. This workshop is going to help so many people learn to take care of themselves better and more equitably. Thank you for everything you’ve poured into this, and for continuing to be an active resource for all of us <3”

Katie Hope,Pricing Workshop

“If you are thinking about this investment, do it. Do it now and save yourself years of frustration. I have been in business for 10 years, as grateful as I am for my own journey, I wish with all my heart I had this life-changing tool when I was just starting out, or even 5 years ago. Wrapping up the 1st module and I can honestly say that this pricing workshop has already changed me; empowered me, given me hope, and rejuvenated my excitement for running a successful photography business with a healthy work-life balance. I fully believe this tool can help all creatives and should be shared with anyone you want to see thrive. a major bonus is how much fun it is to learn from India. Her love and intention is clear, she opens herself up in a vulnerable way that makes you feel known and seen and most of all capable of creating the life you want. 5 stars. Standing ovation. 10 times the return on your investment.”

Colby Strong of Resemble Assembly,Passive Income Masterclass
I purchased the Passive Income Masterclass last May, and I wanted to reach out because today I have announced my beautiful company to the world. It’s been a year in the making being the only member of the team, but I wanted to create something of the highest caliber and I can happily say that I have been able to do that thanks to my business coach, you.
I’m an actor, currently in Los Angeles, but I always found myself coaching on the side so I was always trying to find a way to incorporate that into expanding my career, and right when the idea was coming to fruition, you announced the PI Masterclass. I was one of the first in line to buy. I have to say that it is the best choice I have ever made. I would buy it 1000 times over again. I knew that it was going to be something special from the get-go and a year later, I have created my own baby with the highest quality of education inspired by you and your platform.
I hope one day I can meet you in person to give you a hug and say thank you for helping me take my financial well being into my own hands and expand my abilities and create something that truly will make a difference to my fellow actors.
Makenzie K,Passive Income Masterclass
When India said “you don’t have to have a huge following” to do this – I was instantly intrigued. I’m so glad I invested in this course. I had something I was super passionate about (light) and I turned it into a product. I have less than 10,000 followers, so the thought of launching a course just seemed too far out of reach for me before this course…. Fast forward to 12 months later, I’m coming up on 2 days left until enrollment closes of my first launch ever and I’ve sold to over 50 students – on fire ready to learn. IN TWO WEEKS! I post this to encourage you, not to boast because talking money makes me cringe a little, honestly (I’m working on this mindset).
Take a small step toward creating something today that you’re passionate about that brings values to other people/creatives lives. To change your mindset around charging people for the value that you create – to build a community. To not wait until you get to a certain number of followers. It is the most fulfilling thing ever.
Rachel M,Passive Income Masterclass
Ok, mind boggling! I created a course in September last year. Last week, I started creating a client journey for it in hopes that would help it sell better. I haven’t had any sales since the launch and I’ve mentioned it a few times.
Wellll yesterday and today both I got sales from 2 completely cold audience members who both bunged the course all in one day and sent me raving emails. Then, after the emails (with no prompt from me) BOUGHT my monthly membership at its highest tier! And I don’t even mention it in the course! The marketing is just as important as the content. Thanks India, your course is already changing my life! Made $200 in 2 days on a course that only took me 2 hours to make!
Kelsey,Passive Income Masterclass

I cannot believe how much I learned from this course!! I signed up just for fun and have been so impressed with India’s knowledge and teaching style. The practicality of the topics were so encouraging to me. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to the little community behind the Passive Income Masterclass for the way you participated and shared vulnerabilities in this course. And thanks India for making it, and marketing it to people like me! I benefited so highly and can’t wait to see where all of this takes me.

Tessa CampBell Photo,Posing Workshop

Wow. This is everything. If you were looking to better your client experience, this is the course that you need. This course isn’t just about going through the motions or giving you a fat list of poses. It’s about the process and preparation before each session. I normally would go into each one of my sessions with a pile of poses in mind and I would just run through them nearly aimlessly, but this course really helped me understand how I can tailor my sessions to each one of my clients personalities, love languages and how they are as a couple. As a photographer you want your clients experience with you to be amazing. You don’t want them to be in poses that make them feel uncomfortable or inauthentic. It’s not a one size fits all it’s a unique experience to them and at the end of the day they are all that really matter. So if you were like me and just had a big pile of prompts that you would burn through, this course is for you. On a personal note, I finished the course and had an engagement shoot shortly after. And it was truly the BEST experience I had with clients, and I would like to mention that the couple had no experience in front of a camera. It was real. It was authentic. And we had a fucking blast!

Cheyenne Dunn,Posing Workshop

Wow. Just wow. This is exactly what I needed for my business. After watching the workshop & couples sessions I implemented what I learned into my next session, and I felt like a completely different photographer. I was confident in my posing and how I interacted with my couple. I was outgoing and bubbly, and just felt overall much more CONFIDENT. And it paid off. I left The session feeling Like I slayed it and I did. The photos turned out better than I could’ve hoped for. This course was worth every penny. I was so nervous about investing in education but this workshop taught me so much and was exactly what I needed. A million thank yous to India for providing such VALUABLE content. I’m so glad I decided to go for it and invest in myself and my business. After this workshop I feel SO much more confident in my posing and how I interact with my couples and I’m excited to implement what I’ve learned into more sessions! India, I cant thank you enough. You are an amazing teacher and mentor.

Cheyenne Dunn,Presets

I’ve used many presets and nothing compares to India’s Honey preset. It is the perfect base to work with if you want those beautiful natural earthy tones. The modifiers make it so easy to change the Vibe of an image in one click, and the brushes are so easy to work with. I’m in awe of this preset and it has been such a game changer for my editing. Helping me find a consistent editing style that is the exact vibe I’m going for. I purchased the honey preset, the photoshop actions and Solis Brushes. All I can say is, wow. They all work together so perfectly to create such dreamy photos. You can tell that India put so much time and love into creating this preset and it truly shows when you’re editing with it. Thank you India. I’m literally obsessed.


I just wanted to reach out and say how grateful and impressed I am by the Honey presets + educational videos. I am blown away.

For the longest time I was in my head about presets and didn’t want to use them, last year I finally caved after being frustrated by my own editing limitations. The presets I had did exactly what you described in your video. They changed too much and only worked in very specific lighting conditions. After a year of cleaning up after my presets, wasting money on other presets that only gave me more frustration, I remembered an ad for the Honey presets that kept coming up a few years ago and decided to try it out.

I used the preset immediately without watching any videos and was underwhelmed at first. I laughed like wow $200 for this. Then I went and started messing with it and watched all of the videos. Now I get it. I love how subtle and versatile this preset and all of it’s extra adjustments are. It works in any lighting situation, actually helps greens look good and makes editing ENJOYABLE, which it hasn’t been for me lately.

I am entering the busiest season I have ever had right now and the anticipation of it has had me so stressed. Part of that being the anticipation of struggling through edits, being scared that I’d deliver something then hate the way it looks two weeks later. And Honey lifted that weight off of my shoulders. I can look forward to editing, be proud of what I deliver and know that my workflow will be so much faster now.

The educational videos added SO much value to this as well! Like you went above and beyond for this and it shows.

So I just wanted to express my gratitude and say THANK YOU! That is all.

McKenzie Lautt,Presets

The preset itself is amazing (and all of the modifiers + brushes), but the educational content that comes with it takes it to a whole new level! On top of learning how to maximize the preset, I learned so much about lightroom and shooting as well! India’s videos feel so personal and friendly as well. I haven’t felt so inspired to create in a long time! Thank you!!

Joanna Eliza Photo,photoshop actions

I have no words to describe how valuable these actions are. My photography leveled up in a way I cannot describe and I rave about these actions all day long. I now run every single photo I edit through lightroom and photoshop – it has taken a gallery from being something I love to something I am so emotionally obsessed with and will cry at every photo.

Danielle O,General

Thank you for consistently putting out quality content. I’ve been following you since Day 1 of my photography business and your workshops, and education tools have really challenged me and pushed me to the next level with my business. So much so – I’ve felt confidence to go full-time and am approaching one year of a successful full-time business. So from a sincere and consistent customer / photographer friend, thank you so much for caring about your content and helping us grow!

Priscilla,Passive Income

Hi. I’m 7 minutes into the passive income course (finally) and I just have to tell you that I already know it’s worth every penny. I was so hesitant to invest this much money into something but I genuinely am so excited to be here for this and I have zero regrets. I am 22 and feel like the world is swirling all around me. Everyone I know just graduated college and are starting their full time jobs and for me, thinking about being a slave to my work for 40 years or even what the fuck I want to do has sucked the joy out of me. Cause honestly I don’t want to rely on something that exhausts me to survive but this course is exactly what I needed and has come to me at such a perfect and pivotal time and I’m just here for it. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to unpack everything you’ve offered, thank you so much

McKenzie Lautt,Presets

The preset itself is amazing (and all of the modifiers + brushes), but the educational content that comes with it takes it to a whole new level! On top of learning how to maximize the preset, I learned so much about lightroom and shooting as well! India\’s videos feel so personal and friendly as well. I haven\’t felt so inspired to create in a long time! Thank you!!

Shey Allen,Passive Income

“I’ve been a full time video editor for 7 years now and have always loved to mentor. I’ve always wanted to create an online course but just kept pushing it away because it was too intimidating and I didn’t feel like ‘that person,’ I had no idea where to start. I really wanted to learn from India and her masterclass, and it has taught me everything from start to finish on not only how to create an online product, but how to sell and market it which is so necessary. I would not have known where to start, what to do, I didn’t know anything. But after taking this course I feel SO much more confident in my product, SO excited to to create and sell it. I cannot recommend this course enough!”

Thrive Education,Passive Income

“We seriously had no clue what we were doing when we first decided to start working on our educational platform “Thrive”. Then India stepped in and had so many amazing ideas and taught us things we never would have known or would have had to figure out years later. India held our hand and walked us through things, so when we launched we felt fully ready and everything went amazing. We wouldn’t be in the same place as we are now without India. If you’re interested in her Passive Income Masterclass, I highly HIGHLY recommend it!”

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