November 20 - 2018


Top 3 Things to Stock Up On for the New Year

by Brett McCormack

It’s that time of year!

Time to stock up on gear and goodies for our businesses. Here’s the top 3 things on my yearly “stock up” list and why:

CF and SD Cards

I personally use SanDisk 64GB 160mb/s cards paired with the SanDisk 256GB 95mb/s card. I shoot with both of these at the same time and they’re the only cards that keep up with how fast I shoot since I’m pretty shutter happy. I always replace all of my cards every year as they are subject to corrupt as time goes on. Corruption can cause you to lose entire weddings, shoots, ruin file quality, and a lot of other bad stuff, so its worth investing in new ones every year and dating them. These usually go on sale over Black Friday and Christmas, sometimes up to 60% off so these are always at the top of my list!


I used to shoot with the cheaper off brand batteries to save money, but then I started hearing all these horror stories of them exploding in people’s cameras, malfunctioning, and ruining the battery insert inside of their camera. My name brand Canon batteries hold a charge about 5x longer than the cheap ones, so I guess you get what you pay for. Since I only shoot with the name brand batteries now I’m always keeping my eye on sales since they ain’t cheap. I typically buy this one.

Hard Drives

I’ve raved about these hard drives several times before and I’ll keep raving about them because they’re hands down the best ones I’ve found through lots of research and feedback from the Instagram world. There’s no moving parts which makes them less likely to corrupt or become damaged. They are also tiny and seriously so freaking fast, I’ve never had to wait on one and it makes my entire workflow faster. They’re expensive but so worth it. They’re $50 off right now, check them out!


And here are the pelican cases I use to protect them while traveling. They’re $5 off!

So there you have it! The 3 staple items to stock up on at the end of every year. Feel free to share with others!