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September 20th @11am Mst

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Hey, I’m India!

photographer turned pricing strategist

I’ve been shooting for 13 years now and educating for 7. I became a pricing strategist early on as an educator because truthfully, I am fascinated by money. I’ve mentored thousands of photographers over those past 7 years on pricing. Some are brand new to the industry just starting to offer their first paid sessions, some are photography legends we all know who’ve been in the game 10+ years.

BUT regardless of experience, where they’re based, what they offer, their style, how far booked out they are, there have been consistencies that come up for EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. No matter what.

Guessing Game


Similiar Struggles

Repeated Mistakes

Incorrect Calculations

Everyone gets burnt out, and so much of it can be tied back to pricing itself.

No one knows what they’re actually doing.

Everyone uses incorrect math & calculations to set & raise their prices strategically.

Everyone struggles with the same things pricing themeselves.

Everyone makes the same pricing & marketing mistakes.

Feel familiar? let's change that.

Not only have I seen how it has played out in thousands of other photographers lives, but I have been through the highs and lows of money with photography being my full time job for 13 years –

There have been times I’m barely scraping by (but shooting more than I ever have). One summer I spent shooting triple header weekends while at the same time living out of my 2006 Honda Civic for 4 months straight (before vanlife was cool), hammocking in the mountains, and sneaking showers from the local college gym.

I’ve also had times where I’m booking out 2+ years in advance, traveling the world, only taking on my dream clients, making more than I ever have, but my life revolved around my work.

I’m making more money than I ever imagined I could from photography.

I work with dream clients who love and respect me, with full trust in the process I’ve created.

All while getting paid what I’m worth, regardless of what my ‘competition’ is charging or doing.

Know your worth

In this webinar, we will deep dive into :

3 most common pricing mistakes photographers make

Simple site tricks to convert clients

The pricing problems in our industry, and how we can strategize to use it to our advantage

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Let’s get you started on your pricing journey to make more money than you ever have before, all while preserving your passion.

After this class, you will have the first steps of your new pricing strategy so you can implement what you’ve learned and see how it reshapes your entire business for the better.

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