December 19 - 2018

Business , Workflow

The 5 Mobile Apps that Changed my Business

by Brett McCormack

Enhance your business, workflow, and shoot days with these five efficient, must-have apps!

1. Evernote


Holy moly. This app is such a lifesaver for both business and personal. If I could only have one app on my phone, this would be it. As someone who is an avid note taker, list maker, and organizational freak, I use this app daily. You can create different notebooks, and different “stacks” for those notebooks to be organized under. For example, my “stacks” are Home, Business, Education, Reminders, and Personal. Then under those stacks are notebooks with lists and note sheets organized inside of them. An example would be an Instagram note inside of a Marketing Notebook inside of the Business stack. It’s awesome because it’s available for desktop and mobile, and you can have collaborative notes with other people by sharing the note with them. An example of how I use that is giving my assistant access to certain notes so we can work on different things together remotely. Another example is having Jay collaborate on the “Home” stack so we can make grocery lists, to do lists, write down notes, etc together so we can both access it.



2. Headspace


If you’re into meditating, this is the app to get. I love the headspace app for the sleep and morning meditations they offer especially for getting to sleep before a wedding and waking up energized so I’m not groggy. It usually takes me an hour to fall asleep because it turns out that once you own and run your own business, YOUR BRAIN LITERALLY WILL NEVER TURN OFF ever again. I’ll be exhausted and once I lay down for bed all of a sudden my mind starts going over all the emails I did and tasks I gotta get done and galleries to send out. But when I use the sleep meditation I’m asleep within 10 minutes. I also love it for when I’m overwhelmed or frustrated with myself editing so I can take a step back and run through one of their creativity meditations.



3. Sunseeker


This app forever changed how I scout locations. It tracks the sun’s movements based on the date you plug in and where you’re at. Since I don’t often get the chance to scout at the time I’d actually be shooting it’s great because it helps me visualize what the light will be like based on the sun’s path in the location I’ll be shooting. You can plug in different dates (in case you’re scouting a location months in advance) so you can see the exact sunset time with the horizon line you’re basing your shoot off of, which is super nice if you’re scouting mountainous locations because you can see exactly when the sun will dip behind the ridge line instead of guessing.



4. Planoly

$7 / MONTH

I love this app for planning and laying out my instagram posts since posting on instagram takes so much time. I prefer to batch that work time every two weeks and sit down and plan out all of my posts out for the following couple of weeks so I can stay off my phone and not worry about posting. It’s available both on desktop and mobile and allows you to caption and hashtag it. You can also schedule posts for your story, which is super cool too!



5. Honeybook


This software is awesome for keeping the backend of your business organized, but the main reason I love the mobile app is that I can do invoicing, contracts, emails, canned responses, payments, scheduling, etc on the road (especially since I travel so much). If you want to learn more about Honeybook try out the trials and use code “INDIA” for 50% off your first year.

Literally $1.09 a day to keep your business organized and tamed.

Plus, you’ll get my Questionnaires and checklists for free if you haven’t already when you sign up!