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About India Earl
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Shauna B.

Catalina’s approach will make you laugh, make you seriously question your nerd cred, and teach you to slay the evil SEO monster at the same time. If you want practical steps for improving your SEO and getting more bookings, you need some Catalina wisdom in your life.

Carly F.

Seriously. I never would have thought learning SEO would be SO interesting. Catalina has such a unique approach and is so knowledgeable on every aspect of it. She actually made me excited to learn more!

Angela H.

Catalina is the BOMB!! I’m re-structuring my photography business and was worried about losing my page 1 google ranking, The tips she taught me, while being a completely authentic and amazing human being are second to none.

Collette R.

Catalina does an amazing job breaking down the technical side of google, and how search engines work. Personally, as a visual person, I was very appreciative of how she integrates all learning styles into her lesson and presentations. She truly has a passion for knowledge, and helping others succeed