The Productivity from Home Guide
When you work exclusively from home, the constant battle for balance is never-ending. No one tells you how you will long to get back in bed all day, or how hard it is to get even simple tasks done. There has never been a blueprint to constructing a work day from home… until now. Learn how to build balanced routines, tweak habits, and dream about the future of your business. This guide walks you through all this and more with 10+ exercises full of fun insight and self-discovery.

About This Product

Have you ever had a dream that felt impossible to achieve because there wasn’t enough time in the day? The Productivity from Home Guide is bursting with inspiration to help your days working from home feel possible. Whether you work from home exclusively or part-time, the 10+ Exercises included in this Guide will walk you through how to create a custom routine that will change everything about how you work.

You will learn how to take the stress of turning your productivity “on” and “off,” and turn it into a seamless transition built into your work day. This Guide meets you where you’re at in order to improve your work life—no matter what it looks like right now.

There is no level of expertise required for this Guide, your experience will be based on how big your dreams are, not what you do!


01. The Digital Download of The Productivity from Home Guide. You will always be able to access it to work at your own pace, or to re-visit in the future.

02. 10+ Exercises to create a custom work routine and to push yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of.

03. 9 Exclusive Videos that go deeper into the content and for moral support.

04. Brainstorms, Mind Maps, Quizzes, Constructive List-Making and so much more!


01. Creating a work space wherever you need it!

02. How to make lists that are productive

03. Wind-Up & Wind-Down Routines

04. The Time-Block System

05. The Ultimate Mind Map

06. How to finally get to those dream projects!


Any and all small business creatives, those with side-hustles, or anyone who works remotely. If you want to become more productive from home for any reason at all—this Guide is for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions
There is no minimum skill requirement for this guide. You don’t have to be a photographer or even a business owner. This guide is for anyone seeking to balance working from home with daily life.
Simply put, I created this guide because I needed it myself. I struggled for years to be productive from home because something always distracted me or got in the way. I made this guide to have a foolproof way at making a fluid schedule that finally WORKED for me.
If you have been aching to start a new at-home work routine, this is for YOU. This guide walks you through a whole new approach at your routine and schedule. I am forever changed after implementing this techniques, and I hope the same for you too!

About Courtney Meili

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I am a photographer, dreamer, and artist living in Eugene, Oregon. I don’t go a day without laughing, or crying. I can only love everything and everyone at 100% and think cartoons were better in the early 2000’s. I am a classic over-sharer and love to swap secrets.

Creating stuff is my passion (and calling?) but I would still prefer to play video games or stomp on some crunchy leaves. That being said this Guide is a huge chunk of my heart that I want you to have. Thanks for being here.

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