This isn’t just a list of all the poses I know. It’s not just some tricks that I do that usually work on clients. There’s no secret list of poses, no magic list of prompts that make for great images. It’s so much more than that. This isn’t about me. This is about you, your clients, your moments together, and their memories. Because that’s what it’s really all about.


• 2 hours of class time diving into my entire process teaching you everything I know about posing

• How to apply it to your personality & your client’s personalities

• How to focus on the experience rather than the poses

• How to create comfort & break the ice from the get go

• Strategies to get any client to relax and create confidence in them

• How to prep for each wedding and shoot and learn from each experience

• My entire posing process for 8 different sessions you get to be a virtual second shooter on

• How I approach posing same sex couples

• Posing groups of any size on wedding days

• Posing in home sessions around light in confined spaces

• How to pose an entire shoot’s worth of images in less than 15 minutes

• A mini family shoot & mini senior portrait shoot including tips on my process for shooting outside of your comfort zone

• Breakdown of my entire gear bag & what I use each piece for recommended settings for specific shooting scenarios


• Free copy of my Checklists + Questionnaires + BONUS questionnaires for families, newborns, and seniors ($20 value!)

• $20 credit towards anything in my shop

• A workbook walking you through the course with guided exercises, tips, questionnaires, note taking prompts and more!

Who's this workshop for?
Photographers of any experience level wanting to up their posing game and give their clients not only better images, but overall better experiences. I specialize in shooting couples, but this process can be applied to basically any shooting format. I included a family session, a mini senior session, an in home session, a studio session, and a group photos session so you can see the process applied to multiple scenarios, not just couples outdoors.
A little disclaimer. Just keep in mind, I do specialize in shooting couples + weddings. I by no means am claiming to be a pro at shooting families, seniors, and newborns. I only show how you can use the same tactics I describe in the workshop in these scenarios.
Benefits of Online Workshops
Drawbacks of In Person Workshops
  1. Watch at your own pace and convenience from anywhere.
  2. Save hundreds to thousands of dollars on workshop and travel fees by doing an online workshop vs. in person.
  3. Forget something? Refer back to it at any time. It will always be there so you don’t have to worry about losing your notes or forgetting anything!
  4. You know exactly what you're going to get. You don't always know what you're going to take away from a workshop going into it but by focusing on one subject in depth you'll be able to walk away with a full understanding of that subject.
  5. You don't have to wear pants.
  1. Although I've had some great experiences at in person workshops, they don't always live up to expectations.
  2. You don't always know what you're going to get out of it.
  3. They're far more expensive for the attendance fee, not to mention the travel costs, getting sitters for kids/pets, missing work, etc.
  4. If you forget something you learned at the workshop or lose those pages of notes you took, it's gone.
  5. They don't cater to every learning style. Things can be rushed so classes fit in under 45 minutes so you leave without a real understanding of what you went in for.
  6. You have to wear pants.
Why online?

Yeah, online workshops are a pretty new thing! I’ve chosen to offer online workshops over in person workshops for many reasons. There’s tons of workshops offered out there but here’s why choosing an online course saves you time and money.

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5.00 out of 5
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14 reviews for The Posing Workshop

  1. Sarah Pelichowski

    HOLY Motherrr!!! India you queen! I am one video deep and she has taught me so much already. She speaks in a way that makes you feel like her friend instead of boring teacher in the classroom. I am beyond inspired and ready to go friggen conquer the world. Her realness and genuine love for what she does is refreshing and relatable. This course is so entertaining and SOOOOO informative and I know I will be on the stairmaster watching this video over and over again.

    My next shoot is going to be next level. All my clients should thank you as well(:

    Stop reading this and just buy the dang thing. It is worth every penny.

  2. Anna Elizabeth

    India. HOLY SHIT. I just finished watching the first two videos and I already had to stop and leave this review for anyone who’s questioning this purchase because wow. Everyone needs this in their lives. I can’t even begin to describe the solid gold that is this course. I LEGIT STARTED CRYING AFTER THE FIRST VIDEO. I feel so overcome with relief + inspired to change my business for the better. to be real, this year was crazy busy and by the end, I was feeling so burnt out and like I wasn’t connecting with my couples at all. I worked so hard to go full-time with photography, and when I finally got there – I started to dread shoots that used to bring me so much joy! I felt like I wasn’t able to get creative and create work that actually made me feel something because I was doing the same old poses everyone does and it felt SO damn repetitive. I realize now that I wasn’t taking the time to genuinely connect + make sure that I was being true to my couples and their relationship – and not just putting them in a pose to get a shot that’s gonna look good on instagram. The best thing that this course could do for me is make me a more genuine + authentic storyteller. For the first time in so long, I’m SO excited to learn and grow and practice! the best feeling. India, thank you. Your realness and heart for education are gold. I know this course is going to be a game changer for me + my business. Anyone who’s struggling with feeling burnt out, comparing their work to others, shooting for the wrong reasons, unsure of how to connect with couples, or just plain struggling to create meaningful work – this is for you.

  3. Sabina Procaci

    I have been doing wedding photography for about 3 years now, but HOLY MOLY, within the first 45 minutes I already learned so much that I can’t wait to incorporate into my work. I am German- Italian and English is not my mother tongue and in stressful/time- pressed situations I always struggled expressing myself and directing my couples. India has such a fun and natural approach to it, and her realness and genuine love for all of her couples shows in her images. I am so excited for my shoot tonight, to take some of her wisdom and apply it to my work. If you ever wondered if this is for you?- YES!!! DEFINITELY!!
    Best investment I have ever made into my business! And I am only two videos in! Thank you India! can’t wait to learn more from you! :)

  4. Emily Vandehey

    Let’s start off with, you need this. Any photographer, regardless of what season of experience you are in, get this. I seriously couldn’t stop smiling the entire time I watched her course. It’s real & it’s genuine. A lot of time we think that these well known photographers have these super powers or magic tricks that just create success. But they don’t. They have experience, a heart, and a passion for this career that they can then teach others with. This boss babe is only 23 and taking this industry by storm because of her passion to push herself & just create. This workshop doesn’t hide the awkward moments you have when loosening your couples up. It shows how she adapted when babies cried. She didn’t make this course in the form of spark notes and highlights. She gave you the whole book, from rough draft, to editing, to the final product. India could have easily taught through the live shoots, but she didn’t. She let the whole experience play out in front of our eyes and it was incredible to see how her whole sessions moved from beginning to end. Then she followed up with a teaching about how she preps and applies her knowledge to her business. We all have room to grow, and sometimes all we need is to be a second shooter for someone else without them feeling this pressure to be who they are not. India keeps it real, and you need to see what I mean by taking the plunge yourself!

  5. Kirsten Waguespack

    All I can say is WOOOWWWWWW!! If you can invest in something, it is this workshop! India does not hold back!! I felt so inspired and more confident than I ever would have thought I could feel! This is serious GOLD and you NEED THIS! Like I honestly don’t even have enough words to describe how good this is. I found myself laughing while watching the live shoots and just felt so happy! I applied just a few things I learned at my shoot today and felt such a difference!! India you are a queen and so talented and I am so glad I bought this to invest more into myself and my business! What are you waiting for?!! Get ittttt!

  6. Grace Cobb

    Honestly, the best money I’ve put towards my business. If you’re on the fence about buying this, DO IT! Its so worth it!

  7. Ellie Sanchez

    WOW. It’s crazy because 2 weeks before India’s posing guide release I actually bought a “posing guide” from another photog just because I was feeling like I needed a creative revival or awakening. I got a long list of poses + yeah it helped but using the same poses on 3 couples, I started to feel like I was right back where I was two weeks prior – feeling unfulfilled + BLAH. I’m only 30 minutes into the first video + I feel like my whole way of thinking + perspective has completely took a turn for the better. WOW! India does such an amazing job of walking you through the purpose of what we as photographers do + honestly not only do I feel like a better photographer but a better human. You can see India’s heart + soul in just about everything she does, and this workshop is no different. Guys… I’m 30 MINUTES IN. I still have like 6 hrs of video footage to get through. If I feel this way now, I can only imagine how I’m gonna feel at the end of this posing workshop. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR + BUY THIS. If you care about your business + most importantly, YOUR CLIENTS, you’re gonna wanna add this to your cart. $450 is nothing compared to what this SHOULD cost – but thanks India – for making it affordable for people like me LOL! India, thank you for reminding of what’s most important + for going above and beyond in your selflessness, you’re a rockstar + I love you.

  8. joey kennedy

    In the age of workshops that we live, this online posing workshop is the best experience Ive had for education. For me personality, the next level in my work is finding comfort and authentic emotion w my clients. India teaches this theory which will go WAYYYYYYYYY beyond just learning a ‘trick’ pose. The fact that its video and you can reply it to make sure you understand and see her in action is over the top! The price is so incredibly kind and fair in a day when its 3-6K for a seat in someones workshop who is this talented! Thank you for sharing what you do!!!!!

  9. Chris Flores

    Be ready to smile, be ready to laugh, and be ready to LEARN! Seriously, I’ve only watched the first video and I am so overwhelmed with how dense this workshop is in education. I truly felt like I was doing an in person workshop with the way India speaks to you. Don’t expect to just get a list of poses or actions. India breaks down how she manages to get real emotion out of her sessions and provides you with so many ways to grow as an artist. I’ve been stuck in a creative rut for almost a year now and have felt uninspired to pick up the camera. This workshop has reignited my drive and I can’t wait to apply new things I’ve learned in the next couple weeks. Thank you so much for this, India. You are amazing!

  10. Kenny Marshall

    I love how you can apply the principles even though they are for couples for any shoot. Literally has changed my life. I’ve been a photographer for 10 years, and have never really heard or seen anyone explain posing the way you do! And it shows in the work! 😊 NOOWWW go buy it! It is WORTH the investment!!!

  11. maggie

    There is just so much I could say right now about how amazing your posing workshop was and how amazing it continues to be a week after I’ve finished. I had no doubts, of course, that you would be an incredible instructor, but I can admit that I was a littttttle skeptical about spending the money on a workshop when I’ve been running a pretty financially successful photography business for 3 years. I also tend to edit differently and just wasn’t sure that it would translate to my work. However, I’ve always been drawn to your work because of how insanely natural your couples look in your photos. An India Earl photo is ALWAYS obvious immediately. It stands on its own and is immediately recognizable. I have literally had a folder in my phone of posing ideas saved for years and at least 75% of them are yours. I’ve been so curious about what the magic touch is when you work with your couples and how you pose them to have such magic and chemistry in them. I’m SO glad I decided to just take a plunge and try it out- I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

    I can truly say I finished your workshop with literal TEARS streaming down my face. It wasn’t the “poses” you gave us, it was the amazing tools and tricks you provided that took posing twenty steps further. There were so many “no brainers” and obvious things I’ve been doing wrong for YEARS- like using the wrong language to make couples comfortable and working harder than I needed to at the actual shoot to make a couple chill in front of me. I learned how to better focus on my STRENGTHS and my brand to connect with my dream clients, rather than fight what I already naturally vibe with to work with people who maybe aren’t my ideal clients. I felt empowered as I finished your workshop and felt like I was just taught a lesson on how to LOVE myself and my work again. I was in awe of the many ways your passion showed through your work, from the first video to the live shoots- it’s obvious that you love your couples and you bring out the best in them.

    Your workshop made me love my clients more, love my own personality more, made me love my job, and made me love everything I stand for as a wedding photographer. The biggest takeaway from your posing workshop was how to work smarter and not harder to connect with my clients so that I can give them an AMAZING experience and memories they will cherish forever- not just “pretty” photos. I learned tools to help give them that special and unique experience no one else can provide by going ten steps further than most photographers to make them feel amazing and cherished. I learned to slow down and take in the moment with my couples- to go that extra mile to make them feel loved and excited.

    I could speak volumes about how much I learned from you in just a matter of hours. I just finished my first shoot after the workshop and incorporated so much of what I learned into my session. I picked up my couple instead of meeting them on the mountain, and ended up spending an extra hour and a half laughing about The Office and talking about our families. During shooting itself, I felt like I fell into their groove SO quickly and rather than working off just a shot list in my head, I was able to use the environment around me and their relationship to inspire me in the moment.

    I’m SO excited to keep learning and growing from your workshop. I know I’m going to rewatch it again and again and continue to feel revitalized by it. I feel so hyped and lucky that such amazing pillars of our industry exist for women. We NEED more women to kill it in this industry and show that we are strong and worthy and amazing. My clients are going to have NO idea what’s coming and I’m so excited to spoil them the way you spoil yours- in my own way of course ;)

    P.S. Your pose list was also freaking RAD, too.

  12. Peter Reynolds

    Oh man!!! Seriously, where to even start!? This course is a serious game changer! I think it’s probably been a good few months since I’ve been feeling that my own direction/posing of couples has been getting a little “samey”… and when you secretly draw a blank on a shoot about what direction to do next (yeah, we all know that’s fun). And to be honest, a lot of educational guides were out there, usually a long the lines of “our top 30 poses” etc. But then it kinda hit me that I really needed to invest to dig a heck of a lot deeper into it all. Ta daaa, Indias posing workshop!! I mean to be honest, when I saw it go live a while back, I’d been on the fence about whether I could invest so much into doing the course, but damn…. what was I thinking!? Every single second of these videos is literally pure gold!! I mean, my writing hand was literally going numb during the first video from all the note taking! It’s awesome! And if you’re on the fence like I was about investing, do it, don’t even think twice about… it delves wayyy deeper into the whole process rather then just finding quick fixes. This is about truly getting to know your couples, what makes them tick, and helping them have a total blast in front the camera. The pictures will take care of themselves.

  13. adolfoflorentino094 (verified owner)

    I hesitated for so long to buy this workshop! That the only bad thing I got from it has been the regret of not buying it before. India goes beyond a simple list of poses and prompts and shows you how to create a system of poses and adapt it to diferent couples and scenarios. I know that some people may be afraid to invest in a workshop online, but let me tell you that this workshop is worth every penny and more. Thank you dear India for showing us the way, my sessions will definitely level up with all the knowledge acquired.

  14. Erin Girouard (verified owner)

    OKAY WOW. I don’t even know where to begin. I purchased this course YESTERDAY and I’m already so dang impressed. I’ve purchased courses that have costed me thousands of dollars, and I’ve learned so much more in the first two videos of this course that only costed me a few hundred. I wish I had invested in this so much sooner. What I love a lot about this course is that India doesn’t try to be overly professional or make everything sound perfect, she is 100% herself and talks naturally, which makes such in a difference in how I’m able to absorb the information she’s saying. She makes you feel like a friend and less like a student. And I know she says this so many times, but this course truly is so much more than a list of poses and that’s what sets it apart from every other course. She teaches you how to be confident and turn her posing into your own. I cannot wait to apply what I’ve learned so far!! If you’re feeling burnt out or like you’ve repeated the same poses a million times just like I did, this course is SO worth it, the investment is small compared to the value of what you’ll learn. Thank you India for BLESSING photographers with this course.

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The Posing Workshop
5.00 out of 5
How long will it be available for?
Forever! This product will always be available.
Will it sell out?
No, I’m not limiting seats to this workshop since it was so highly requested by thousands of people, I want to be sure everyone has an opportunity to take it!
Can I purchase/watch this on a phone?
You can, but I would recommend doing it over a desktop as you’ll get a lot more out of it + be able to sufficiently take notes in the workbook.
How do I watch it?
Once you purchase, you’ll be given access to the workshop + content to use from a computer.
Is this a physical or digital product?
All digital, but I recommend printing out the workbook (I printed mine out and got it spiral bound and it was $10) so that would be the only physical product that you print on your own.
Do I stream or download the videos?
Stream only, so you’ll need to be connected to wifi to access/watch the course.
Do you offer payment plans?
Not for this workshop, since there’s no limit to seats.
Once I purchase, how long will the content last for?
As of right now there is no expiration date, but if that changes you will be notified with 3 months notice.
Do I need to have any sort of experience prior to taking this course?
Nope, this course doesn’t require any prior experience in photography but it also doesn’t matter if you’ve been photographing for years and years.
Will you ever offer this workshop in person?
I have no plans to currently!
I didn’t receive my email with my purchase confirmation, help!
Uh oh! No worries, this typically happens because the email is typed in incorrectly. Contact me at learn@indiaearl.com with your information + proof of purchase and I’ll get back to you within 48 business hours.

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Workshops reviews

I just wanted to say I bought your posing guide a while back and I always feel like my shots are bad and weird after my shoots but after your guide I feel fully confident in what I got! It’s literally helped me so much with getting more authentic shots. Also I love the whole last 15 seconds be as weird as possible because I get some of my favorite shots there

Mikaela Antonelli
Workshops reviews

To the photographer out there questioning whether it’s worth it, or trying to decide whether to invest in themselves and their business by learning from someone they look up to, specifically India… FREAKING DO IT. India goes above and beyond to make sure that YOU get the most out of the experience too, and she’s just the best! Her work speaks for itself, and we all know how amazing of an artist she is, but that’s just the cherry on top of her sweet spirit and how giving she is. She’s such a great teacher, so passionate, and so kind and generous the share her knowledge with others so fearlessly, and you should take her up on it!

Deborah Hughes