The Guide to Client Guides
An essential part of any photographer or videographer’s job is educating and serving their clients in any way they can. Client guides are a perfect way to streamline this while getting on the same page with each other and ultimately making your job easier. Implementing these into your workflow is easy and clients love them but it can be super overwhelming figuring out what to include, how much to write, how to write it, and in what format! This guide will walk you through everything I include in my guide as well as tips and suggestions on every subject!
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Educating your clients creates trust. Trust fosters connection. Connection turns into creativity. Creativity turns into fulfillment and unique experiences for both you and them.

What will you learn :
  1. What to include in your client guide and why
  2. Communicating effectively with your clientele
  3. Creating awesome experiences for both you and your clients
  4. Preventing disagreements, unrealistic expectations, and miscommunications
  5. What to include in your guide and why
  6. How to serve your clients every step of the way
  7. Save your inbox from being bombarded
  8. Be more than a vendor to your clients, be a friend
What's Included?

A digital downloadable PDF guide that will walk you through how to write your guide. Design templates are not included.

Topics Covered :
  • 01 Location and Timing
  • 02 What to Wear
  • 03 Props + What to Bring
  • 04 Getting Ready
  • 05 Timeline Tips
  • 06 Photo Checklists
  • 07 What to Expect
  • 08 Engagements
  • 09 Add Ons
  • 10 Finding the Perfect Venue
  • 11 Light
  • 12 First Looks
  • 13 Ceremonies
  • 14 How You Can Help
  • 15 And more!
Who is it for?
This guide is catered towards photographers and videographers (specifically wedding photographers, half of this guide is focused on wedding-specific topics) who want to give their clients an incredible experience from beginning to end through education and setting expectations.
When do you send your guide out?
I personally send mine out once a contract is signed with a client, my Honeybook (use code INDIA for 50% off your first year) automates this for me so my clients have it from the moment they hire me!
The Guide to Client Guides
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