The Guide to Client Guides
The essential guide to communicating effectively with your clients. Make your job easier, find clarity in communication, and better serve and inform your clients with killer PDF Guides. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know: what to write, how much to write, how to properly format your guides, and India’s tips & suggestions on every subject. 

About This Product

Educating your clients creates trust. Trust fosters connection. Connection turns into creativity. Creativity turns into fulfillment and unique experiences for both you and them. This PDF guide from India is a digital downloadable file that will walk you through how to write & create your ultimate guide. Design templates not included.


— A digital downloadable PDF guide that will walk you through how to write your guide.
Design templates are not included.


01. What to include in your client guide and why

02. Communicating effectively with your clientele

03. Creating awesome experiences for both you and your clients

04. Preventing disagreements, unrealistic expectations, and miscommunications

05. How to serve your clients every step of the way

06. Save your inbox from being bombarded

07. How to be more than a vendor to your clients: be a friend




— Location and Timing

— What to Wear

— Props + What to Bring

— Getting Ready

— Timeline Tips

— Photo Checklists

— What to Expect

— Engagements

— Add Ons

— Finding the Perfect Venue

— Light

— First Looks

— Ceremonies

— How You Can Help

And more!


This guide is catered towards photographers and videographers (specifically wedding photographers, half of this guide is focused on wedding-specific topics) who want to give their clients an incredible experience from beginning to end through education and setting expectations.

What They’re Saying

  1. Dayna T

    I loved this workbook! The prompts are really fun and original — not like questions I've seen in other brand guides. The exercises really got me to dig deep and think creatively about my brand message. If you are stuck in a branding rut, or just excited to add a fresh voice to the ideas you're passionate about, I highly recommend this workbook! Seriously, it's so helpful and fun, and super affordable. Do it do it do it!!!!!

  2. Dayna T

    "So I just finished my pricing guide with your Bella template, and HAD to email you! I am so so beyond grateful. It's so easy to see the work and heart you put into these templates, and they are beyond perfect. I love that you made them in InDesign and pushed me to learn my way around in there! It was so easy to tweak and customize things so that they fit my brand and personality."

  3. Kelsey M

    Thanks to you I was able to create a pricing guide relatively painlessly, and I now have a beautiful and thoughtful document to send to prospective clients that clearly makes a case for my heart as a photographer and the value of my services. The template you created is beautiful, the support was a lifesaver, and my new guide is surely going to benefit my business. Thank you thank you.

  4. Meg N

    "Carina's template just gave my business the biggest boost! I've never used InDesign before but she walked me through step by step and it was a breeze to customize. I'm so proud to send out my pricing guides how and I can't wait to purchase more designs from Carina!"

  5. Brady B

    “They have such a sleek, professional, minimal look. I loved that there were so many pages and there was plenty of room to educate my clients. I just can’t say enough great things about it. 10/10 recommend.”

  6. Karisa A

    "Carina’s pricing guide template took my professionalism as a photographer to the next level. Her sections are thorough and her prompts are incredibly helpful. I finally feel confident sharing my worth alongside my prices to potential clients!"

  7. Anonymous

    “Thank you for creating such an amazing tutorial! I filled so many pages of my notebook and felt so much more confident afterwards! This video helped me SOO MUCH! I can’t wait to use all the knowledge you shared and grow with it! Thank you SO MUCH!”

  8. Anonymous

    “YOU ARE AMAZINGGGGGG!! I’ve gone through your video probably five times now lol my kids keep asking who is talking to me and my response “mahhhhh idollllll” hahaha. So much insanely beneficial information!!!! Thank you so much you sweet gem for sharing this info with all of us out there! So helpful!”

  9. Anonymous

    “I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for your camera settings guide. I have legit taken screenshots of all the pages and refer to it often when I’m feeling like my settings are off during a shoot. What a GAME CHANGER. You da best!”

  10. Anonymous

    “This course is incredible and I’m just a few minutes in! You explain everything sooooo clearly in a way I don’t think I ever 100% understood in growing as an artist. Thank you SO so much for making this, selling it, and being a freaking goddess!”

Frequently Asked Questions
I personally send mine out once a contract is signed with a client, my Honeybook (use code INDIA for 50% off your first year) automates this for me so my clients have it from the moment they hire me!
No refunds — all sales are final.

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