Solis Flares & Glass Effects Pack
A collaboration with Looks Like Film to convert real lens flares and creamy glass effects from my images into brush presets. Use them to layer on top of your final edits for a unique finish and make your work stand out.

About This Product

A collaboration with Looks Like Film to convert real lens flares and creamy glass effects from my images into brush presets. Use them to layer on top of your final edits for a unique finish and make your work stand out.

25 Brushes Included

01. Sun

02. Flare

03. Glass


Who is this good for?

These flares are perfect for any photographer wanting to get more creative with their editing process, have natural ways to bring attention to the subject, seamlessly cover up distractions, and amplify already present natural lighting.

What They’re Saying

  1. McKenzie Lautt

    The preset itself is amazing (and all of the modifiers + brushes), but the educational content that comes with it takes it to a whole new level! On top of learning how to maximize the preset, I learned so much about lightroom and shooting as well! India\'s videos feel so personal and friendly as well. I haven\'t felt so inspired to create in a long time! Thank you!!

  2. Lexie H

    I have edited two weddings with your new honey presets and it has taken me a 2-3 hours per wedding. THEY WORK SO FLAWLESSLY AND ARE SAVING ME SO MUCH TIME. It's obvious you poured your heart and soul into them- So thank you!! Literally never been able to use just one preset on a wedding. You have changed my whole life. I run a successful business, working when I want, and how I want doing what I love. I bought my first camera 2 years ago and stumbled upon your education and took it all straight to heart. I did it all. I know everything I know from you. You're an incredible business woman and I look up to you for that but I mean you should realize you're literally changing peoples lives and setting us free to be the creatives that we want to be! I am finally happy and balanced in life. Something I was searching for. THANK YOU.

  3. Bailey D

    INDIA! This preset package and the video is something I wish every photographer would invest in. I’m so excited to finish watching the videos so I can dive into editing. I’ve truly never been this excited to edit photos I used to dread it. So THANK YOU!!! You are so very talented and I look up to you so much !

  4. Dayna G

    I looove the format of this preset! I’m obsessed with the way you can change it to be a different style with just a couple clicks. As someone who doesn’t normally shoot “moody” or a super similar style, it was fun to play with the different feels while still being easy to make only a couple adjustments to match my style perfectly! This set isn’t going to be a one-size-fits-all in one click, but that’s not what presets are designed for!! They are made to help enhance your skills as an editor and give you new tools to create magic with. And this preset does exactly that! It is the perfect set of tools to take your editing to the next level.

  5. Dawn P

    I have an photo inspiration board in my office, and I’ve always been so frustrated with my edits because I’ve always wanted this film dreamy soft tones and I have yet to figure it out. So basically these Honey presets are putting me to tears. I truly love that you only have ONE preset option, I think thats really smart! All your variations and brushes for the preset are great! I know you want brutal honest feedback, but I am truly obsessed! I love your educational video tutorials to help, you are so good about explaining all the bits + pieces, and being so encouraging about making it your own still.

  6. Kylie M

    Omg suchhh a different approach to presets!! Such a new and fresh take on it, that I personally think is what people need! This approach definitely informs people on how to USE the controls in Lightroom and what they affect, rather than clicking a preset and not even knowing what they are manipulating.

  7. Kendal W

    Not gonna lie when I first heard India's preset pack was only one preset with modifiers, I was a little skeptical. BUT HOLYYYY it is genius, I'm so stoked on them. The tones I can get in any lighting situation is pretty unreal, and brushes that are included have already changed my life. These presets give you room to learn your editing style, and I've already seen a huge improvement in my work just after editing one session. They are freaking timeless and I will probably use them for the rest of forever!

  8. Cara M

    India's new preset is brilliant. It goes along with everything she does in photography education, actually teaching the user how to edit instead of giving a one-click approach (making it worth so much more than typical preset packs). She includes a set of modifiers for different lighting situations—dark, overly-orange, a dreamy film look, you name it. The greens are out of this world. Doesn't matter where you're shooting or at what time of day, the Honey preset will get you where you need to go. I've already learned more about my editing style trying these out than I have with any other set. I've used almost every preset out there (including India's old set), and this is by far the best one.

  9. Jordy B

    HOLY MOTHER *EXPLETIVE*. These are pure magic. I absolutely love how you created these presets with the ability to make them completely unique to my style and the way I love to edit, but also giving me a base to work with that has such pretty tones and emotion. The tutorials helped a TON and I loved watching you edit. I would call these the 'presets of all presets' because the modifiers help with every lighting situation. They are versatile and easy to work with the achieve the exact look you are going for. I have tried them on studio lighting, flash, natural, harsh; and was able to create a style I liked with them all. I LOVE THESE. YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN.

Frequently Asked Questions
Will I be able to run this?
Solis Presets work with Lightroom Classic 7.5 or higher, Camera RAW 10.5 or higher. Please make sure to check your version number before purchasing.

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