Small Business Creative’s Guide to Finances
Created by Peyton Byford (Creative) and Michael Hendricks (CPA). For SO many people, the worst part of being self-employed and a small business owner is the financial / accounting / taxes side of things! It can be the most stressful and anxiety-filled part of what we do, especially when tax season hits! I hardly bat an eye when it’s time to pay taxes, because I’ve saved and prepared for them all year + implemented all the ways to save money on taxes.
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I'll teach you how I saved over $15,000 in taxes last year alone through tips, tricks, and easy to implement strategies!
The what
and the why.

After reading through this guide, you will have a better understanding of your finances and where your money is going / what you can afford! So many people mention how they feel like all their money is going to expenses and they can’t tell what’s left. We want to change that with the guide by helping you plan out your income and where you should be investing and saving your money! This way, at the end of the day, you actually know how profitable your business is and how much you can spend on doing the fun things you want to do in life!

Every single bit of information in this guide is entirely approved by my amazing CPA, and now friend, Michael! Throughout the guide, you will see viewpoints from his as well going into more detail on certain topics!

"I know the idea of doing taxes can seem like such a daunting task, but for me, when it is done and done the correct way it eases all of that stress and anxiety. "-Peyton

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Created by
Peyton Byford

Meet Peyton, the creator of this information-packed guide and guru on all things finances when it comes to small businesses!

I’m Peyton! I am a photographer of love + all things lovely. I’m based in Oklahoma City with my husband (who is a videographer!) and two wiener dogs.

I created this guide to help make things easier for the small business creative’s. There is so much information out there in the world and it’s hard to decipher through what actually applies to our little businesses.
I like all my information in one place, so I knew that applying years worth of boring research and discovery into one place would hopefully make so many people’s lives way easier during one of the most stressful times of year – tax season!

Meet the CPA

The man the myth the legend. Michael Hendricks, the raddest mountain-climbing accountant ever.

Hey, I’m Michael! I’m a CPA but not your average, boring bean counter. I love going rad places like skiing in Chamonix, hiking glaciers in the Suisse Alps, kayaking the French Riviera, or climbing anywhere I can find some rock. Working with entrepreneurs and creatives is such a welcomed change from the typical world of accounting.

I’ve got a master’s degree in accounting and financial economics worked for one of the world’s largest accounting firms and have had my own side hustle working with clients for the past 7-8 years that has turned full time since 2016-ish. I’m stoked to help simplify and organize the numbers side of your business and save you some major $ while we’re at it!

After reading the guide, you actually know how profitable your business is and how much you can spend on doing the fun things you want to do in life!

Testimonials + Experience
“Peyton’s Financial Guide is SO worth the investment. As business owner’s, we’re often expected to be pros at everything, and one of the scariest things for me has been figuring out my finances. Finances can be scary to navigate especially in such a specialized field like photography, but this guide is so helpful in helping you know where to start. It also goes into detail on a lot of things I felt pretty confused on like travel, expenses, company legal structures, setting up savings for retirement, recommendations for savings, and even tips for hiring an accountant if you would rather outsource. It is packed so full of information, and she even has her accountant, Michael, give advice and comment throughout the guide which is super helpful. It’s also great to know all this information is backed up by a real CPA. If you’re feeling lost when it comes to finances or even if you just want reassurance you’re heading down the right path, this guide is worth every penny. “
Megan Welker
Testimonials + Experience
“Peyton’s tax guide is AMAZING. Actually, life changing!! I didn’t even realize how bad I needed it/how disorganized I actually was until I went through it, and was SO helpful in not only helping me get organized, but also helping me UNDERSTAND taxes a little more!! I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know until I read the guide, and since have applied what I learned and my life is now already a million times easier!! i definitely am not dreading doing my taxes like I used to! Also, Michael is AMAZING!!! I have had past accountants that I didn’t think really cared about me, but Michael has been the best decision for my business I’ve ever made!! Buy the guide. Hire Michael. Just do it. It’ll be the best thing you’ll ever do!!!”
Olivia Markle
Testimonials + Experience

“If I had not bought this finance guide, I would seriously be lost (and probably owe a lot of money)! Reading through this truly helped me understand how to run the ‘business’ part of my photography business. Before, I was very overwhelmed. Now I have confidence I’m doing things right and have hired an accountant. It definitely pays for itself in no time! If you’re on the fence, or you just don’t know where to start, or if you just can’t keep up with everything then this guide is for you my friend! Thank you, Peyton + Michael, for offering this!”

Small Business Creative’s Guide to Finances
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