SEO Mini Class: Keywords & Checking Rankings
Don’t even know where to start when it comes to SEO? This mini-class video tutorial is designed to kick start your way into the world of SEO with an intro to understanding the very first step: keywords. Gain an increased understanding of just what keywords are and how to approach them for current search engine algorithms and learn how to easily check your website & blog post rankings from the ease of your iPhone.

About This Product

Do you find the concepts of SEO and target keywords super confusing? Don’t know if your website even ranks? Then this mini course is perfect for you! This class explains how to think about target keywords and step-by-step instructions on how to set-up and check your rankings with an app on your iPhone. My website and blog posts are on  page 1 for over 100+ keyword phrases – this guide contains all the info you need to understand target keywords and how to monitor your rankings.

After this class, you will have an increased understanding of exactly what keywords are and how to utilize them for current search engine algorithms. Includes a bonus tutorial that will walk you through how to easily check your website and blog post rankings using a simple app on your iPhone.


01. Video teaching going over how you are probably approaching keywords incorrectly and how correcting this can set you straight on what to target.

02. A step-by-step video tutorial and follow-along PDF instructions on how to download an app that will allow you to easily monitor your SEO rankings using your phone.


Anyone with a website who is interested in utilizing SEO to market their business.

What They’re Saying

  1. O'Malley K

    Run. Don’t walk! If you're totally lost when it comes to SEO and google, or even if you know a little already this course is for you. It does exactly what it claims to do and breaks down how to get the most out of your website content to boost your client stream. catalina makes everything so easy to understand with step by step guidance and tips and tricks along the way. The course will pay for itself in no time. Totally worth the investment in your business! 10/10 would recommend!

  2. Eunice

    I knew point blank zero about SEO before this course, and this has helped me IMMENSELY. Catalina is extremely thorough in her explanations and makes SEO actually so fun. I’ve watched it over 3 times already and have learned something new every time. Cannot recommend it enough!

  3. Amelia

    I’m so happy I bought this course! Catalina breaks it down so you can actually implement in a way that will give you REAL results. She explains step-by-step how to improve your website to directly enhance your SEO. The tools I have learned are totally building blocks to create more business for me as a photographer! This has been a great way for me to learn and result in more business, real results are so important to me. As a photographer you have to learn so much information to better your business and this is 100% the best content I’ve had for SEO! I’m extremely grateful to learn from a photographer who knows how to help the industry.

  4. Christine

    I highly recommend this course to anyone on the fence about it. I started making changes on my website and within 2 weeks I was on the first page of Google for my target keywords and for some of them I made it to the #1 spot! SO AMAZING, I was shocked at how fast it worked. The changes are simple and Catalina breaks everything down and explains it so well.

  5. Emma S

    This course came at just the right time for me! India and Catalina announced the SEO workshop on the same day I had decided to get serious about learning it. I started this course with not knowing more than what the acronym stood for and now I feel as though I could teach the basics to someone else. Anything you were wondering about SEO and how to actually get started right here and right now is explained. Highly recommend for anyone looking to get themselves out their organically, stop refreshing IG waiting for the followers to not pour in, and take their soul dream and business seriously.

  6. Shauna B

    Catalina’s approach will make you laugh, make you seriously question your nerd cred, and teach you to slay the evil SEO monster at the same time. If you want practical steps for improving your SEO and getting more bookings, you need some Catalina wisdom in your life.

  7. Carly F

    Seriously. I never would have thought learning SEO would be SO interesting. Catalina has such a unique approach and is so knowledgeable on every aspect of it. She actually made me excited to learn more!

  8. Angela H

    Catalina is the BOMB!! I'm re-structuring my photography business and was worried about losing my page 1 google ranking, The tips she taught me, while being a completely authentic and amazing human being are second to none.

  9. Collette R

    Catalina does an amazing job breaking down the technical side of google, and how search engines work. Personally, as a visual person, I was very appreciative of how she integrates all learning styles into her lesson and presentations. She truly has a passion for knowledge, and helping others succeed

  10. Helene C

    Catalina is a gem! She makes SEO fun, literally! Something that was so daunting to me is now a curiosity and I'm not so overwhelmed. Thank you!!!

Frequently Asked Questions
I checked my rankings. Uh oh, I need more help!
Definitely! You can head over to the main SEO course on this website and it will go through step by step on how to not only create great content but also exactly how to implement it into your website (for both Squarespace + Wordpress).
I already use Google Analytics / Search Console, could I still benefit from this course?
Sure thing! I teach my SEO students how to use Search Console but many of them still like to use this app just because it is so easy to use. They can take what they see they already rank for in the Search Console and pull out only the keywords they really want to watch and put them in this app. This course also goes over how to use keywords so its a great resource to think better and more holistically about keywords.
Will this class be a fit if I use an Android or other mobile device that isn't an iPhone?
No, the app featured in this class is only currently available for iPhones/iPads/iOS.

About Catalina Jean

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Hi, I’m Catalina Jean! A wedding photographer based in Portland, OR who is SEO obsessed. I have 4 years of experience teaching SEO in workshops, conferences, and 1-on-1 mentorships to hundreds of photographers and small business owners. I have personally used SEO to achieve and maintain six figures of revenue while never having to worry about social media or Instagram or any of their algorithms changes. I receive on average 30+ inquiries each month and never have to worry about booking out each and every year.

If you are spending countless hours trying to figure out SEO and just not ranking, this class is perfect for you. I do promise that this class includes all the steps I have taken to get on page 1 for over 100+ keyword phrases. utilizing this no-cost marketing avenue to make over six figures in revenue, consistently, every year.

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