Mini Class: Intro to Keywords + Easily Check SEO Rankings with Your Phone
Don’t even know where to start when it comes to SEO? This mini class is designed to kick start your way into the world of SEO with an intro to understanding the very first step: keywords. After this class, you will have an increased under- standing of just what keywords are and how to approach them for current search engine algo- rithms. The class also includes a tutorial that will walk you through how to easily check website and blog post rankings using a simple app on your iPhone.
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About Catalina Jean
Hi, I’m Catalina Jean! A wedding photographer based in Portland, OR who is SEO obsessed. I have 4 years experience teaching SEO in workshops, conferences, and 1-on-1 mentorships to hundreds of photographers and small business owners. I have personally used SEO to achieve and maintain six figures of revenue while never having to worry about social media or Instagram or any of their algorithms changes. I receive on average 30+ inquiries each month and never have to worry about booking out each and every year.

If you are spending countless hours trying to figure out SEO and just not ranking, this class is perfect for you. I do promise that this class includes all the steps I have taken to get on page 1 for over 100+ keyword phrases. utilizing this no-cost marketing avenue to make over six figures in revenue, consistently, every year.
What is included?
  • 01 Video teaching going over how you are probably approaching keywords incorrectly and how correcting this can set you straight on what to target.
  • 02 A step-by-step video tutorial and follow-along PDF instructions on how to download an app that will allow you to easily monitor your SEO rankings using your phone.
I checked my rankings. Uh oh, I need more help!
Definitely! You can head over to the main SEO course on this website and it will go through step by step on how to not only create great content but also exactly how to implement it into your website (for both Squarespace + Wordpress).
I already use Google Analytics / Search Console, could I still benefit from this course?
Sure thing! I teach my SEO students how to use Search Console but many of them still like to use this app just because it is so easy to use. They can take what they see they already rank for in Search Console and pull out only the keywords they really want to watch and put them in this app. This course also goes over how to use keywords so its a great resource to think better and more holistically about keywords.
Who is this class for?
Anyone with a website who is interested in utilizing SEO to market their business!
Will this class be a fit if I use an Android or other mobile device that isn't an iPhone?
No, the app featured in this class is only currently available for iPhones/iPads/iOS.



Mini Class: Intro to Keywords + Easily Check SEO Rankings with Your Phone
0 out of 5