SEO Is Fun: Masterclass
SEO doesn’t need to be complicated. This class will take all the mystery out of SEO and make it easy to understand and implement into your business. After this class, you will know exactly how to check your rankings, what to do to your website and blog posts to start ranking, and how to use marketing to break through the barriers holding you back from success with SEO.

About This Product

You already have a website. You are already creating content and sharing it. Let’s get it targeted so that you can take advantage of this huge marketing opportunity. No more guesswork. After this class, you will know exactly how to SEO and it will become FUN!

This course begins with extensive class time going over everything SEO. This class time will cover: what is a search engine, how does it work, and what can you do to get your website ranking. After the class time, we will go through the backend of a website and blog post together so that you can see exactly how to implement everything you learned and finally get your business ranking

My Vision For This Course

I made this class because I see so many small businesses struggling to figure out SEO and wasting countless hours on their websites/blog posts with no idea on how to rank or even what to rank for. Also, I found most SEO education available to be complex, overly techy, and spends hours and hours explaining things that most small business owners simply just don’t need to know.

I’m a business owner and I understand that you have a million tasks on your plate – so this course is boiled down, straight to the point, easy steps you can take right now to start ranking. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Get your website and blog posts on the right track lightning fast so you can get SEO working for you while having time to focus on all the other parts of your business.

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01. A slideshow presentation and workbook so you can easily follow along with the video teachings and start implementing SEO tactics right away.

02. Videos with step-by-step SEO implementation into WordPress and Squarespace with easy to follow checklists.

03. Easy-to-use blogging checklist so that you cover everything needed to finally get your blog posts ranking.

04. How to do a website check-up to ensure there aren’t some basic but major things that could be destroying your rankings.

05. How to easily check your website and blog post rankings with a step-by-step walk- through of Google Search Console.

06. The tools you need to be able to do research and strategize what to target based on what your potential customers are actually search- ing.

07. How to get all green lights in Yoast. I’ll go through each step, line by line, and explain what it means and how to get that green light. Are you a Squarespace user? Fear not! There is even a video just for Squarespace users that teaches how they can be their own Yoast so they can also benefit from the info provided by this plug in.

08. Learn how you can consistently be producing great content that Google loves.

09. How to develop a list of strategies to go even farther with SEO and cast a wide net into new markets.

10. How social media and other avenues can play a part in SEO rankings.



No experience necessary! The only thing that is needed is a website and an attitude to get serious about online marketing.



I go in-depth into both in a “choose your own adventure” format so you watch the videos only applicable to the specific hosting you use.



— Photographers (all specialties: wedding, family, boudoir, etc)

— Videographers (all specialties)

— Wedding Professionals (venues, planners, florists, rentals, etc)

— Other Service-Based Small Businesses (note: read the FAQ for further info)


Once you purchase this class, you are part of the SEO is FUN crew. That means this course will continue to change and grow to whatever feedback I hear from the students, from YOU. I want it to best serve the crew so it will expand based on what I hear from you.

This is just the beginning. I created the most straight forward boiled down initial course to get you ranking. But I’m not going to stop there. I have a list of additional topics brewing that I want to add. But I first want to hear from YOU. What do you want to learn next? YOU get to vote on what’s added to the class. You aren’t just paying for the course as you see it now, you are becoming a member of the crew where you can shape what the course becomes.


This course begins with extensive class time going over everything SEO. This class time will cover: what is a search engine, how does it work, and what can you do to get your website ranking.

After the class time, we will go through the backend of a website and blog post together so that you can see exactly how to implement everything you learned and finally get your business ranking.

What They’re Saying

  1. O'Malley K

    run. don’t walk! if you re totally lost when it comes to SEO and google, or even if you know a little already this course is for you. it does exactly what it claims to do and breaks down how to get the most out of your website content to boost your client stream. catalina makes everything so easy to understand with step by step guidance and tips and tricks along the way. The course will pay for itself in no time. totally worth the investment in your business! 10 out of 10 would recommend!

  2. Eunice

    I knew point blank zero about SEO before this course, and this has helped me IMMENSELY. Catalina is extremely thorough in her explanations and makes SEO actually so fun. I’ve watched it over 3 times already and have learned something new every time. Cannot recommend it enough!

  3. Amelia

    I’m so happy I bought this course! Catalina breaks it down so you can actually implement in a way that will give you REAL results. She explains step-by-step how to improve your website to directly enhance your SEO. The tools I have learned are totally building blocks to create more business for me as a photographer! This has been a great way for me to learn and result in more business, real results are so important to me. As a photographer you have to learn so much information to better your business and this is 100% the best content I’ve had for SEO! I’m extremely grateful to learn from a photographer who knows how to help the industry.

  4. Christine

    I highly recommend this course to anyone on the fence about it. I started making changes on my website and within 2 weeks I was on the first page of Google for my target keywords and for some of them I made it to the #1 spot! SO AMAZING, I was shocked at how fast it worked. The changes are simple and Catalina breaks everything down and explains it so well.

  5. Emma S

    This course came at just the right time for me! India and Catalina announced the SEO workshop on the same day I had decided to get serious about learning it. I started this course with not knowing more than what the acronym stood for and now I feel as though I could teach the basics to someone else. Anything you were wondering about SEO and how to actually get started right here and right now is explained. Highly recommend for anyone looking to get themselves out their organically, stop refreshing IG waiting for the followers to not pour in, and take their soul dream and business seriously.

  6. Shauna B

    Catalina’s approach will make you laugh, make you seriously question your nerd cred, and teach you to slay the evil SEO monster at the same time. If you want practical steps for improving your SEO and getting more bookings, you need some Catalina wisdom in your life.

  7. Carly F

    Seriously. I never would have thought learning SEO would be SO interesting. Catalina has such a unique approach and is so knowledgeable on every aspect of it. She actually made me excited to learn more!

  8. Angela H

    Catalina is the BOMB!! I'm re-structuring my photography business and was worried about losing my page 1 google ranking, The tips she taught me, while being a completely authentic and amazing human being are second to none.

  9. Collette R

    Catalina does an amazing job breaking down the technical side of google, and how search engines work. Personally, as a visual person, I was very appreciative of how she integrates all learning styles into her lesson and presentations. She truly has a passion for knowledge, and helping others succeed

  10. Helene C

    Catalina is a gem! She makes SEO fun, literally! Something that was so daunting to me is now a curiosity and I'm not so overwhelmed. Thank you!!!

Frequently Asked Questions
Nope! And anyone who tells you they can guarantee something along those lines is scamming you. Truly. However, I will teach you EVERYTHING, absolutely everything, I have used to get on page 1 for over 100+ keywords and counting. SEO rankings are just not a guarantee. Google and the other search engines’ algorithms are very complex and they keep them pretty strictly under wraps. They don’t want you to figure it out so you can’t cheat instead of creative great content. They want to show the best content to their customers, not websites that just tricked the system. But I will teach you all the “white hat” tactics I know to give you the best shot at creating great content that will make search engines love you.
Anyone in the wedding market. Photographers, videographers, florists, wedding planners, etc, etc! If you service weddings, this class is a perfect fit. It is also a great fit for every kind of photographer (wedding, family, boudoir, seniors, etc). This class could also be a fit for other small service-based businesses, such as hair salons, graphic designers, tattoo studios, landscapers, etc. However, keep in mind my market is wedding and photography focused so you may need to be a bit more creative with thinking through your own market and strategies if you are outside of the wedding market. You will just have to put your thinking cap on a bit more to figure out what your potential customers may be searching! If you provide a service and have a website, this class will definitely benefit you.
effective, creative marketing strategies comes from YOUR brain! You can outsource some of the tasks involved for sure, like copywriting or having an assistant format blog posts for you, but you should be the mastermind controlling the momentum and direction of your marketing tactics. You should be able to develop, execute, and monitor your own strategy. Also, let’s say you hire someone and they do increase your rankings a bit. You are paying them, let’s say, $300-$500+ monthly and seeing some results. But then you are stuck paying that monthly fee since you don’t know what they are specifically doing to help. That would be at least $3500-$6000 a year and you still don’t really have an idea of what they are doing. What if you change locations? Add a new specialty? Now you are stuck in their pocket and if you stop paying, you won’t know how to do it on your own. And if you do decide to hire someone down the road, this class will give you the strategic way of thinking to be able to know what your SEOer is doing and how to properly direct them in marketing within your business specialty.
Yes! There is a bonus section in the course that covers step-by-step on how to use Narrative's SEO features. This class is focused on content marketing and choosing good strategies so it doesn’t technically matter what you use to formulate your blog posts. You can absolutely take the knowledge gained from this class and use it to better understand how to fill sections out in other blogging third party apps or however you choose to blog.
Wix is not covered in this class and I do not currently offer any education or 1-on-1 mentoring on that platform. Wordpress and Squarespace are the only ones available at this time.
For Squarespace, this supports all the included templates, Squaremuse, and any other installed custom templates or custom designs. For Wordpress, this supports almost every template plug-in such as Flothemes, Prophoto, etc. NOTE FOR SHOWIT USERS: Your main website title and meta description are not located in Wordpress. Go to your ShowIt website editor and click Home > SEO Settings. Then enter that information in “Page Title” and “Meta Description”. But everything else in the class will match up!
Yep! This class covers both the classic editor and block editor. There really isn’t too much of a difference when it comes to implementing SEO efforts so its pretty straight forward. But I do go over both!
My approach is very different and that is intentional. I wanted to create a class that wasn’t like any SEO course out there. Most take weeks and weeks to complete with dozens of hours of videos and contain way more information than I needed as a small service-based business owner. They often have advanced complex strategies that most small businesses just don’t need. I was rocking six figures of income from Google without ever getting a featured snippet or building expansive cornerstone content or anything else that can take literally hundreds of hours to complete. This is straight up easy optimizations and content strategies absolutely anyone can do that will get you ranking without weeks and weeks of study. This course is a completely different approach with a focus on serving the busy small business owner at any tech level who just wants to quickly and easily optimize their site and rank without devoting weeks and weeks of time that I know most business owners just don’t have to spare.

About Catalina Jean

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Hi, I’m Catalina Jean! A wedding photographer based in Portland, OR who is SEO obsessed. I have 4 years experience teaching SEO in workshops, conferences, and 1-on-1 mentorships to hundreds of photographers and small business owners. I have personally used SEO to achieve and maintain six figures of revenue while never having to worry about social media or Instagram or any of their algorithms changes. I receive on average 30+ inquiries each month and never have to worry about booking out each and every year.

If you are spending countless hours trying to figure out SEO and just not ranking, this class is perfect for you. I do promise that this class includes all the steps I have taken to get on page 1 for over 100+ keyword phrases. utilizing this no-cost marketing avenue to make over six figures in revenue, consistently, every year.

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