Imagination Series
This series is all about how to stay creative by constantly challenging yourself! I cover inspiration, creative thinking, challenge exercises, editing tips & tricks, shooting tips, why personal work is so important, and PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING I KNOW about staying creative.
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This course includes:
  • 01 Creative Thinking and Theory
    • I discuss my take on creativity and the art world, in general. This delves into some psychological viewpoints of creativity and what simply being an artist is to me. Everything we consume in the arts world is because the artist said, “Yeah, so I’m just gonna go make this now.” So, I touch on how to stop thinking so much and just go create whatever you want! Everything else can be noise while you’re creating!
  • 02 How to find Inspiration
    • We get asked about inspiration a lot as photographers from our fellow photographers, but also our friends and family. However, sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration, yeah? In this chapter, I show you the tools I use to constantly be searching for inspiration. In a time where we have streaming services, the internet, online stores, etc…...there’s simply no reason to not be able to find inspiration everywhere.
  • 03 Personal Work
    • a discussion about WHY I believe personal work is so, so important to keeping your imagination fresh. Personal work is the playground where you can simply play with your camera. There are no timelines, no clients, nothing. It’s just you, your gear, and your imagination. I go through some of my personal projects to show you where the inspiration came from for all of them and why it’s such an important practice to keep your mind fresh!
  • 04 Getting through Creative Ruts
    • A simple discussion about my take on creative ruts. One word? BOREDOM. For me, that was the main factor. I chat about why I haven’t experienced a creative rut in almost 4 years and what I’ve done to avoid experiencing those ruts! For me, it’s all about where I choose to spend my energy and how to not overthink something as simple as making photos! Just go make some stuff!
Want more specifics?
  • 01 Gear Talk
    • Yep, we chat about the gear I use! I talk about why I use particular lenses at certain times and also how gear has kind of become a backseat thought for me creatively. When I pick up my gear these days, it’s really just something in my hands. It’s a tool that is needed for me to create the world I see in front of me.
  • 02 Breaking Down Scenes
    • I discuss how I break down scenes I’m standing in. What I look for in a scene and how to combine those elements to create interesting work. Things pop out to my mind in a Matrix style kind of way. We spend time in Lightroom browsing through some examples and simply breaking down how I saw things and combined elements to make an interesting photograph.
  • 03 Creative Shooting Techniques
    • I show you how I use prisms/phone/reflections in a scene to add interest. I discuss how I use free-lensing to add a bit of a dreamy effect in camera, and what it means. Finally, I teach you about multiple exposures, which I get asked about A LOT. I keep multiple exposures very, very simple. We go into more detail about multiple exposures in this chapter, but I show examples of all of these techniques. These techniques are all about INTENT. They’re fun to use, but using them in the right situation can produce amazing results!
  • 04 The Power of Editing
    • This chapter is probably what get asked about the most. EDITING. I love, love, LOVE editing so much and I show you how I use Lightroom to edit my work! I go through my standard editing, adding little effects to add some subtle pop to your photos, hand painted style editing for some colorful, fine-art type of photos, and creative editing! We go through how I use the brushes and filters in Lightroom creatively to turn a photo into something completely different! This chapter is long and detailed with tons of tips and tricks!
  • 05 And so much more!
    • I discuss the whys, the hows, the whats, and everything that goes on in my mind when it comes to imagination and creating interesting work. This is all about creating what YOU want to create. By using these challenges, techniques, and simply trying something new, your evolution as an artist will never slow down.
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5.00 out of 5
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  1. Catalina

    Jacob is literally the king of creative work and breaking through ruts. He is able to create magic in any scenario and see things from a completely difference perspective. This course is for anyone who wants to shake things up and approach photography in a brand new way. I have learned so many new techniques from Jacob that truly changed the way I shoot and approach creativity. I cannot recommend this course highly enough!

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Imagination Series
5.00 out of 5