IG & FB Ads for Photographers
This course is designed to give you the freedom and peace of mind to create and run effective social media ads for your photography business. Take control of your marketing and set yourself apart from a saturated market with a unique ad strategy and learn exactly how to maximize your already unlimited potential while attracting your ideal client.

About This Product

In the sea of potential clients and an oversaturated market of competitors, you need a steady stream that brings inquiries to you. Facebooks Ads is one of the most POWERFUL tools (for the lowest advertising cost) to bring people your direction. In this course, Ellie provides up-front guidance to help you learn: the building blocks and foundation of a solid ad strategy, the truth about what to expect with your ads, and the ability to take your understanding of ads to a new level, without smothering your creativity.


To help you UNDERSTAND the opportunities of creating an ad strategy that can serve your business.

To help you ATTRACT your ideal client with targeting strategies that will send the right message to those you want to connect with.

To help you IMPROVE your understanding of social media ads so you can have confidence and peace of mind in the ad building process.

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— Intro to the course (my story)
— Buyer Persona
— The Basics of the Dashboard



— Identifying the right objective for your ad
— Detailed Targeting
— Setting your Budget
— Placements
— Copy Master Class and Selecting Images
— Building a Complete ad 101
— Personal Work



—What is possible with Retargeting
— Combining Multiple Ads into a strategy
— Do you have a Convertible Website?
— A/B Split Testing
— Geo-tagging
– How to Run a Giveaway



—Additional Resources / Glossary of Terms
— FB ADS Example Strategy Chart
— Where to ask for help / ask questions!


This course won’t come without its fair share of homework. I also make no promises that you will get a high volume of inquiries in a short amount of time. What I can promise to provide is the truth on what you can really expect from your ads, and that you will have peace of mind to know exactly how to maximize your already unlimited potential.

What They're Saying

  1. Dayna T

    India is such an incredible teacher! She knows just how to break things down into digestible chunks and explain how to improve without ever making you feel less than amazing. It’s obvious that she’s done her research and has the experience to back up the advice she gives. She knows her stuff! Definitely the best investment I’ve made to improve myself and my business. Not only was it 1000% worth the money, hanging out with India in any way, shape, or form just makes you a better person!

  2. Katie D

    My mentor session with India was AMAZING! When I saw India open up her mentor sessions, I knew I had to have one! Not only has my artistry and creativity etc. gotten better, but the business side of things is running much smoother and I have her to thank. I love that I got to ask questions ahead of time I was a lot easier than trying to think of things on the spot. I love that she took the time to write out all the important notes and send them to me after our session. This was HUGE for me. It was way easier to sit and listen/learn instead of worrying about missing stuff because I was too busy trying to write notes! I highly recommend booking a mentor session with her, you will feel so refreshed and ready to take on the world!

  3. Stephanie F

    I truly believe I would not be who I am today as a photographer without India. I did my first ever mentorship with her and she taught me SO much! Proper camera settings, Lightroom techniques to achieve the look I wanted, posing, etc. But more than that, Inda treated me like her friend. She never once made me feel like she was better than me or like she needed to hide anything. She was an open book and I could see how happy she was to teach me. She is so supportive and kind. Forever grateful for this girl.

  4. Deborah H

    To the photographer out there questioning whether it's worth it, or trying to decide whether to invest in themselves and their business by learning from someone they look up to, specifically India... FREAKING DO IT. India goes above and beyond to make sure that YOU get the most out of the experience too, and she's just the best! Her work speaks for itself, and we all know how amazing of an artist she is, but that's just the cherry on top of her sweet spirit and how giving she is. She's such a great teacher, so passionate, and so kind and generous the share her knowledge with others so fearlessly, and you should take her up on it!

  5. Caitlin J

    Every person who has asked me about mentoring with India, I have highly recommended they do one with her!! I have only had a handful of workshop/mentor experiences and hers was by far the most informative and I felt like I got A TON out of it. I had been feeling a little drained, uninspired and tired from the season, but this was the kick in the ass I needed to get back into things and start pushing my business in ways I didn't know I could!

  6. Jordy B

    I feel so motivated and this was the exact push that I needed in my business and personal journey. She didn't keep any ‘secrets' to yourself which is so amazing because she has spent so much time researching and learning how to do things. It is so selfless that she's willing to share what she knows. India is crazy talented at helping people find what works for them and inspiring others to be unique. Thank you thank you. A million times.

  7. Hailey P

    India gave me so much confidence in myself I never knew I had! She showed me it’s okay to go out of your comfort zone and be afraid of risk, because those risks pay off! She showed me I do have what it takes. I just gotta continue pushing and realizing that it’s my own story of my business and I can't compare it to others because it’s unique to who I am.

  8. Meredith G

    I started my photography business this year and when I thought about investing in education I knew I wanted to go straight to the top of my industry and that was India Earl. I left our mentor session not only with a great portfolio building session but inspired to charge what I was worth, expand my business beyond my preconceived notions of success, and make my business more efficient, reliable, and sustainable. Plus I feel like I have made a friend and I genuinely feel that she cares about me as her mentee.

  9. Emma J

    India is amazing. She truly made this mentor session more than worth it for me. I was super appreciative of her honesty with my website and with my directing. It makes it so easy to know what to change and incorporate when she wasn't worried about feelings being hurt and she just cut to the chase! I can honestly say that my business has exited this rut and is on the way to bigger things. Love love love you always, India!

  10. Sarah M

    I can't even begin to explain how invaluable my mentor session with India was! I learned so much in six hours, it honestly would've taken me years, if ever, to learn some of what she taught me! I cannot wait to see how my business grows with the tools she has given me.

Frequently Asked Questions
This course is designed to give you the freedom and peace of mind to make your own ads for your photography business.
While the examples listed in this course are primarily for wedding photographers, the principles are absolutely the same for any photographer or business.
People who have launched ads after taking this course have reported a variety of results. Traffic to your website and social media is something you will see immediate improvement on. While it is possible to get inquiries from any point of the strategy, we encourage you to run ad strategies all the way through in order to see full results.

Ellie McMakin

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I used to suck at Facebook Ads. I don’t think my experience is that different from many other wedding photographers. Three years ago I was going into booking season feeling lost and behind, trying to use a platform without a good strategy in place. I would run ads with big hopes of a positive return on my investment but without an exact picture of what I was doing or the type of client I was hoping to attract.

My situation dramatically shifted once I took ownership of what I didn’t know and shifted my energy into embracing learning a new skill in Facebook Ads. I learned quickly that I could create a strategy that could serve a higher purpose and give my Ads more intentionality, beyond using whatever trendy or catchy phrase I could think of or picking whatever my favorite image was at the time.

My biggest takeaway: the tactics and strategies that I developed that could be applied to anyone, no matter if they are experienced or not in online advertising. Fast forward to where I am today — I am currently a Facebook Ads mentor, and have been trusted to run ads on behalf of over 50 companies (in addition to continuing to run ads for my own business and grossing 35k a year from its earnings).

The amount of pride I feel is something that I find, honestly, overwhelming. There is something magical about taking accountability for where you are at and making a positive shift forward, and it is something that I believe this is possible for everyone.

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