Guiding What To Wear
Ever had a client show up to a shoot in something that made you want to... cringe? Not sure what to tell clients to help guide them in their wardrobe? Unsure how this little aspect makes such a huge difference in the final images? Don’t worry, I’ve got you. In this guide I’ll teach you my thought process as to how I approach and interpret mood through outfits and locations with dozens of examples as well as how to create a complete What to Wear guide for your clients with a guided outline!

About This Product

I’m sure you’ve heard to tell your clients to wear neutral colors and avoid logos and all the basics… but I’ll walk you through how outfits and locations go hand in hand. I approach each location with strategic outfit choices to help strengthen the overall image.

I break each aspect of those choices down, piece by piece so you’ll be able to use this process at any location or setting to be sure you get the best photos possible. I’ll teach you how you can do all of this while still letting your clients express themselves, their personalities, while still getting photos you love! Win-win for everyone!


— A downloadable PDF file with over 45 pages of information, examples, experiences, guidance, guided templates, and more!

— Access to my personal “What To Wear Guide” that I send out to all of my clients to help guide you as a detailed template for creating your own!

*There is no separate editable template file included for your personal what to wear guide, as I recommend keeping it on your website for easy editing/tweaking and to save money paying a designer or for another program!


01. How To Shift The Focus Of Images And Create Intention Through Outfit Choices

02. Colors, Patterns, Materials, Textures, Shapes, Accessories, Props, Logos, Shoes

03. Logistical Aspects

04. Keeping Personality

05. Complementary VS Matching

06. Both Good And Bad Examples For Visual References

07. Frequently Asked Questions

08. Email Template

09. A Walkthrough On How To Create Your Own Guide

10. Detailed Outline To Base Your Guide Off Of


It is catered towards photographers and videographers shooting couples especially, but everything in here can be applied towards ANY kind of portraiture where you have some say over what your clients wear such as shooting families, children, seniors, lifestyle, etc.!


Plus, 10% of your purchase will go towards the National Park Foundation to help sustain and conserve over 400 national parks, keeping them beautiful and protected. If you’d like to learn more about the National Park Foundation, check them out here!

What They’re Saying

  1. Dakai

    This outfit guideline has changed my life! I now have a better understanding as to what my clients should wear and what looks good. I highly recommend it!

  2. Elizabeth M

    Just finished reading it and OMG WHAT!? So many things I NEVER thought about when choosing outfits and it was SO amazing to see all of the examples. It was so encouraging seeing not only the good examples but the bad ones as well. Honestly, this was more than worth $125 for the confidence I gained!

  3. Guy C

    I'm always so chuffed with my purchases and the service from India Earl. If you're not using this guide as a creative business owner, you're wasting your time! Go do yourself a favour and support the good cause behind why India started selling products. A percentage of her collections goes towards so many organizations that help better our world!

Frequently Asked Questions
WHY $125?
$125 bucks to get your clients on the same page as you, to have the guidance to be intentional, to understand how environment elements and outfit choices go hand in hand, to make it easier to get the photos you want and not be restricted by clothing options. Also, to save yourself time editing, to give your clients a more professional experience and overall better photos. To save time and effort making your own guide from scratch with no help, structure, details, and experienced advice to work off of and guide you.
No refunds — all sales are final.

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