The Art of GIF Making
This is more than a course on how to make GIF’s. In the grand scheme of things, post-processing GIF’s is the simple part. The difficult thing to master is the actual creation of a GIF. The brain part. The art part. What to look for. How to nail it. How to utilize it within your deliverables. That’s what we do here. We’re all about heart in the way we run our business, and that bleeds directly into the way we teach. We hope in sharing a piece of ours with you, you have the means to pay it forward to your own clients.  Don’t just do it. Do it well.
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Want more specifics? This course includes:
  • 01 A downloadable PDF guide
  • 02 Video Discussions and Tutorials
  • 03 Topics Including:
    • How to create a GIF
    • How to Think like a GIF creator
    • How to organize your files for successful GIF creation
    • How to share your GIF across multiple platforms
    • Trouble-shooting
    • All the secrets we've learned from years of experience in making GIF's
  • 04 GIF Making Exercises
  • 05 Private GIF Genius Facebook Group Access
  • 06 Exclusive savings from some of our favorite workflow resources


0 out of 5
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4 reviews for The Art of GIF Making

  1. Alex Lefler // The Wayfarers

    “I couldn’t say a single word that would do Ashley and Ben justice as the exceptional people they are, but I can absolutely say this is the best GIF tutorial there is.

    In this step-by-step course you won’t just find the technical know-how; it walks you through the entire vision of GIFs, starting with how to even think about shooting them and how to enhance your storytelling.

    There is so much educational material out there that walks you through the literal “how,” with GIFs, but I walked out of this tutorial having a good sense of why, when, and where GIFs can help me tell better stories about the couples I photograph. How to think about movement, details, and challenges when creating GIFs is essential, and this tutorial nails it. It even bundles in common questions and troubleshooting advice.

    If you are looking for a way to jump start some deeper knowledge on this stuff, do yourself a favor and get this tutorial.”

  2. Gabe McMullen // Gabe McMullen Photography

    I already knew the basic concept of making gifs, and did it occasionally before taking Ben and Ashley’s course. The Gif Course opened my eyes to so many new possibilities though. I learned so much about making them that it’s inspired me to do them for almost every session. The course is easy to follow, easy to read, and the videos are so well put together. I ended up doing the entire thing in one sitting because I loved it so much. If you’re interested in learning how to make Gif’s correctly from the people who innovated them into their work, then you have to buy this course.

  3. Emily Peters

    Ashley & Ben’s GIF course has hands down been the best online course I’ve ever done! It’s not just about learning how to make GIFs, there’s a storytelling aspect they teach you too.
    The course is broken down into bite-size pieces with short videos. Ashley & Ben talk you through the whole process and all the technical bits but in a super funny, and easy to understand way. Thank you guys for such a great course!!

  4. Anne-Sophie Benoit

    I love gifs, gifs are the way I express myself when I talk to my friends all the time. One day, I saw one of Rosey red’s gifs and it just hit me! It was possible to do my own gifs!! I just jumped on the course and read/watched everything. It was so eye opening.

    Their approach is authentic and modern. It makes you see things with a new eye. I now look more at light, movement and the little things I sometimes don’t really look at. It made me a better photographer and my clients are so happy to get that extra something in their gallery. It’s definitely an amazing way to communicate and I can’t wait to practice even more. Oh and also, it doesn’t stop at the gif course! You get to be in an amazing group with people who LOVE gifs (and The office, because there is nothing more to life) which gets you inspired all the time.

    I have one thing to say, just buy the course already!! It was one of the best investment I did for myself and my business

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The Art of GIF Making
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