The Art Of GIF Making
Take your photography imagery and deliverables to an entirely new level that astounds your client with the art of GIF making. This course is so much more than the logistical aspect of processing and exporting a GIF — this course is about the brain part. The art part. We invite you into a world of emotive artistry. An appeal to the senses. An invigorating glimpse into feeling. Learn what to look for in a shoot and how to nail a captivating, movement-driven image that captures a special moment forever.

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Pour yourself a beverage of choice and join us for some heart to heart discussion combined with technical application to discover The Art of GIF Making.

This is more than a course on how to make GIF’s. In the grand scheme of things, post-processing GIF’s is the simple part. The difficult thing to master is the actual creation of a GIF. The brain part. The art part. What to look for. How to nail it. How to utilize it within your deliverables. That’s what we do here. We’re all about heart in the way we run our business, and that bleeds directly into the way we teach. We hope in sharing a piece of ours with you, you have the means to pay it forward to your own clients.  Don’t just do it. Do it well.

Within this course you will receive conversation video tutorials with Ashley & Ben, a downloadable, (and might we say, mighty fine looking) PDF to guide you in your journey and to serve as a source of reference, and access to Ashley & Ben via a private Facebook group.

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01. Downloadable PDF Guide
Video Discussions & Tutorials
03. Topics Including:

— How to create a GIF
— How to Think like a GIF creator
— How to organize your files for successful GIF creation
— How to share your GIF across multiple platforms
— Trouble-shooting
— All the secrets we’ve learned from years of experience in making GIFs

04. GIF-Making Exercises
05. Private GIF Genius Facebook Group Access
06. Exclusive savings from some of our favorite workflow resources


Lightroom, Photoshop, and an eager heart for the learning.

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We’re just a couple of humans who happen to be married with 2 kids and a fur baby. Passionate about making a difference in the lives of others through art and learning, we feel very strong about providing an experience that goes beyond the obvious. Though based in Columbus, Ohio, the world of the interwebs allows us to share our knowledge in a personal way, all over.



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