Instagram & FB Ads for Photographers
Facebook Ads is one of the most POWERFUL ways to bring people your direction for the lowest advertising cost. Running ads without a functioning strategy and a working process is a missed opportunity, and when the market seems over saturated, having and maintaining a presence is crucial. This course is not a quick fix. It's the building blocks and foundation of a real, solid working process that you can customize for your own business to help you get that edge that sets you apart from the crowd. I am here to give you that up front guidance that leads without smothering your creativity.  I provide the truth about what to REALLY expect with your ads, and give you that peace-of-mind to know exactly how to maximize your already unlimited potential.
5.00 out of 5
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This course won’t come without it’s share of Homework. I also make no promises that you will get a high volume of inquiries in a short amount of time. What I can promise is the truth on what you can REALLY expect with your ads, and give you that peace-of-mind to know exactly how to maximize your already unlimited potential.

Getting Started
Building Out Your Ads
Retargeting & Ads Strategy
What's Next

01: Introduction to the course

My story



02: Buyer Persona

03: Learning the Basics of the Dashboard

04: Identifying the right objective for your ad

05: Detailed Targeting

06. Setting your Budget

07. Placements

08. Copy Master Class and Selecting Images

09. Building a Complete ad 101

10. What is possible with Retargeting

11. Combining Multiple Ads into a strategy

12. Do you have a Convertible Website?

13: A/B Split Testing

14. Geo-tagging

15. How to Run a Giveaway

Additional Resources

Glossary of Terms

FB ADS Example Strategy Chart

Where to ask for help / Ask Questions!

    • The opportunities of creating an ad strategy that can serve your business.
  • 02 ATTRACT
    • Your ideal client with targeting strategies that will send the right message to those you want to connect with.
  • 03 IMPROVE
    • Your understanding of what everything means so you can have confidence and peace of mind in the ad building process.
You would benefit from this course if..
If you want to take your understanding of ads to a new level
If you have wanted to learn how to create a unique ad strategy for your business
If you are the type of person who wants to learn at your own pace
If you want to take control of your marketing

Will this course teach me how to run my own facebook ads?

This course is designed to give you the freedom and peace of mind to make your own ads for your photography business. You will understand the ins and outs and feel more confident launching your own facebook ads.

Will this work for me if I am a Boudior/Senior/Family Photographer?

While the examples listed in this course are primarily for wedding photographers, the principles are absolutely the same for any photographer.

What kind of results can I expect from this course?

People who launch ads after this course have reported a variety of results. Traffic to your website and social media is something you will see an immediate improvement on. While it is possible to get inquiries at ANY stage of the strategy, we encourage people to run their strategies all the way through in order to see best results from this course.

Will this course work for me if I am a wedding vendor?

This course can apply to ANY wedding vendor as well. While the examples are all for wedding photographers, you are absolutely welcome to learn and will still benefit greatly from this course.


5.00 out of 5
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8 reviews for Instagram & FB Ads for Photographers

  1. Cate Ronan

    I’ve had the course for two days and I am already running my first facebook ad that is converting the best it probably can. I have learned facebook ads and strategy from two other teachers but Ellie makes it HELLA easy to launch your first strategy while throughly explaining WHY you should do this or that. Her course covers everything in the order you will need it. She includes bomb diagrams for certain modules too, so you can visual work out your successful Facebook Ad strategy. She teaches you how to properly throw your money at ad’s with realistic outcomes to expect. TO TOP THAT, if you do have a question that isn’t in the course (not likely) or you are stuck or confused during your own ad building process, she has a facebook group for her students which has been incredible for questions I have as well as reading other student’s questions. Don’t ever feel you have learned all there is to FB ad’s because “you learned them that one time” or “I already have a course”. BUY THIS ONE TOO.

  2. Alysha Christine

    Ellie’s Facebook Ads Education earned me over 25k booked weddings for 2019. This was the same year I had relocated my business and I am shook

  3. Hernan

    Ellie’s course paid for itself almost immediately

  4. Abbie Mae Clinton

    If you are in need of Revamping your Facebook Ads game, Ellie is your girl!

  5. Cassidy Thompson

    We purchased FB ads for Wedding photographers and have watched the first several videos and feel for the first time ever that we can actually MASTER FB ads. Ellie explains everything very clearly and we are very excited!

  6. Ivette West

    After following along the detailed targeting video, I submitted my ad and received 3 inquiries the very next day from my ideal clients!

  7. Meagan Getz

    Ellie’s course has been a huge game changer for me! She teaches us SO much, from detailed methods of identifying our ideal client to multiple strategies for running different kinds of ads. When I first started the course, I was floored at the level of detail it helped me go into to attract my ideal clients. You will get out of this course what you put into it, and you’ll have to do your fair share of homework and market research to see the best results but it is SO WORTH IT. It pays for itself and is honestly a bargain for ALL the valuable information you’ll receive! And as another perk, we have a super supportive Facebook group where we can ask any questions and get answers from Ellie and fellow photographers who are running ads right along with us. Don’t be afraid to invest in it- you’ll be glad you did!!

  8. Ashley

    Ellie is a fantastic teacher & this is a great course. She makes it easy to understand and to run campaigns–SUCCESSFUL campaigns. I saw immediate results after using the strategies taught here! Well worth the investment!

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Instagram & FB Ads for Photographers
5.00 out of 5
Instagram & FB Ads for Photographers