Passive Income Training // Day 1

What's your product?

This is where you really want to get specific and hone in on what your special sauce is. What sets you apart? What comes naturally? These are the things that will launch you forward in creating online products and giving yourself a starting point to expand from.


Passive Income Training // Day 2

There’s a reason why niche products sell well, because they are targeting towards a specific type of person with specific needs and struggles. You’re offering a transformation or solution to whoever you’re selling to, so make sure you cater your product and marketing towards that person.


Passive Income Training // Day 3

serve your people

Building customer loyalty and trust comes from serving your people repeatedly with quality products and information. Nobody is interested in a brand that is constantly throwing advertisements in your face. If you want to avoid coming off “salesy” and sell your products with ease, prioritize giving back to your community before ever asking for a sale.


Passive Income Training // Day 4

invest in yourself

Congrats! Today’s the last training, by this point you know whether or not you’re committed to making changes in your business for the better, working less for more $$$, and to create opportunities and freedom in your life. I would not be where I am today if I had not committed to investing in myself and my education.