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The what and
the why

Over the past few years of educating and teaching around the world I’ve created a large selling platform to a loyal community of photographers hungry for education from those they look up to the most. I feel it would be a waste if I only used this platform for myself, and I realize I’m a limited resource for knowledge. I’ve been able to meet incredible teachers, instructors, and leaders in our industry and believe that the more we work together as one,

the more we all grow. I’ve converted my education site to being a source for products from these leaders as a “one stop shop” for all things education. Everything is hand-picked by me and I only promote products that I truly believe in and feel are at the top of their class. Products will not compete with one another. They work and fit together to encourage success for all of us together, not just individually. After so much time passes following a product launch,

sales slow down and the reach within your current platform and audience is maxed out. Basically, you will have sold to all the people in your circle that would buy the product, if they haven’t already they won’t unless you run aggressive sales. Products gain a new platform with a wider audience. This audience pours in through multiple sources including my wide social media reach, loyal email lists, search engines, and the other partner’s audiences.

There’s a lot of details that go into all of this, but here is a
basic outline of what to expect, the process, and what we
need from you to get started!

What your part would be :
What we handle :
  1. Providing the product, knowledge, and content.
  2. Answering customer questions regarding content (what you’re teaching)
  3. Aiding in a strategic marketing plan that focuses on giving real value to potential customers/students, rather than blasting your followers with ads.
  4. Updating the product over the term of our agreement if necessary.
  5. Available to open communication throughout the term of the agreement.
  1. Selling and hosting the product
  2. Handling all technical customer support (downloads, billing, order fulfillment, etc)
  3. Marketing through social media, search engine optimization, email lists, running ads (pinterest, instagram, facebook, etc), hosting events, and giving free value to customers
  4. Anything regarding creating the product, re-designing, or hosting.
  5. Paying you out and providing sales reports

Our Team


We will talk ideas, plans, and brainstorm together to help push your product to be as successful as it can be. Most of our conversations will be regarding logistics and marketing.


Tech support for customers + you. She will help you set up being able to view your sales reports as well as be in communication with you regarding technical aspects or customer support.

Jay, Brody, Easton

Editors who will help you with anything regarding video, audio, recordings, etc and compile classes for you.


Our designer who will design your product and marketing materials.


Our finance guy who will get you set up with payouts.


India’s right hand woman, she will handle anything while India is traveling or out of town in case you need anything.

  1. We hop on a call and talk through details, percentages, strategy, and I’ll answer any of your questions regarding this partnership.
  2. We both sign the Strategic Alliance Agreement.
  3. You deliver all the content outlined below and our team will start working on designing, editing, and compiling everything needed on our end to sell the product.
  4. We move forward with outlining a strategic marketing plan for your product.
  5. We will run a 5-10 day “pre-launch sequence” which is basically how we will create hype for the product, as a large portion of sales for products come during the launch phase.
  6. We will set you up with a login to my website so you can track your sales reports.
  7. We launch the product on www.indiaearleducation.com
  8. You’ll be paid out once a month (you can choose how you’d like to paid out).
  9. We track sales + audience and adjust our marketing plan accordingly.
  10. We give high fives!
What our team needs from you to move forward
If you have any questions regarding the details of what our team needs schedule a call .
A signed contract and non-disclosure agreement.
Any and all product files. This includes :
An outline of what deliverables students will receive: For example:
A description, reviews, and FAQ of your product for the landing page on the website. Please include :
An Introduction of the Creator
A gallery of 30-50 high resolution filler images for marketing + landing page.
Contact Information
How to send all of this :