October 17 - 2019

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Top 3 October Favorites & Monthly Tip

by India

Moment 58mm Tele Lens

If you don’t have the new iPhone like me and you want to take rad photos on your phone with high-quality glass, this lens is actually incredible. The photos turn out so crisp and it handles light and color so well. I love it and their cases! I also have their 24mm and it’s so fun to shoot with.


Check the Lens here

Rose Anvil Belts

If you use one of our harnesses or not, the Rose Anvil belts are tough, built to last, form to your body over time, and are beautiful. They’re made to be compatible with the harnesses as well so you can keep the hip anchors secured (taking all weight off of your back!) without the hooks tugging too much on your pants/belt loops. Check em out on their site here! They’ve got black and 3 different shades of brown, as well as a thinner size (mine is the thick one!).


Check out the belts here!

Real Fun, Wow! Prints for your workspace or home

If you haven’t already seen his work, you’re truly missing out. His prints and wall hangings are my favorite and the artwork he shares on Instagram never fails to speak straight to my heart. Plus, you’ll be directly supporting a talented artist.


Check out his prints here!

Monthly Tip:

Pick gear that fits your shooting style. Yes, it should be able to help you achieve the style you want as far as your images look, but it should also compliment the way you approach photographing your subjects.

For example, I love to be within arms reach of my couples using wider lenses so we can be physically close and I don’t have to stand far away yelling to them because of a long lens. For my shooting style, I LOVE wide lenses like 24mm and 35mm and it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around working with lenses that are longer than 50mm.

You need to choose pieces that make shooting easy for you, so you can get into a flow and feel that the gear is an extension of yourself. That connection comes with time and getting in tune with what makes things come easy. You shouldn’t have to think about your gear and settings so much that it takes you away from being present with your clients and creativity.

If you wanna learn more about this and a detailed breakdown of each piece of my gear, check my IGTV video “WHAT’S IN MY BAG”.