When I became a photographer I never pictured myself doing what I’m doing now.

It’s the most rewarding, hard, and amazing work I never knew I’d be lucky enough to do.

A new website completely dedicated to education was something I’ve dreamed of doing for over a year and now it’s finally real. I’m so incredibly excited to finally be sharing it! My goals and dreams for this business outgrew the boxes I was stuck in.

This education venture of mine started out as me feeling lost when it came to learning more about photography, owning a business, and the craziness that occurs when you put the two together. Searching youtube videos at 16 years old turned into me trying new things, making lots of mistakes and learning from them over and over. That eventually turned into helping local photographers with random questions here and there which grew into traveling the world teaching at workshops for hundreds of photographers from all sorts of backgrounds.

And now I’m here, launching my very own educational platform for photographers and videographers of all kinds all over the world. It truly doesn’t feel real and there’s absolutely no way it would be happening without all of my amazing friends, supporters, and team. Thank you all so much.

Cheers to a new site, a new year ahead, and a whole lot more growing!


do you still offer mentor sessions, and if so, how much?

I’m booked out for 2019!