What this is all about.

The same way we all get into photography, right?
I started out shooting self portraits, which then turned into photographing friends which led into photographing families. I specialized in shooting families, children, and newborns for the first couple of years of my business.
I got my first camera when I was 14 years old and basically took lots of grass blades photos.
I then started shooting weddings and that little fire I had inside of me for photography started growing like crazy.
I connected with it instantly. It felt like it's what I was supposed to do and although it still didn't feel easy and my work wasn't yet reflective of what I envisioned it to be, I knew it was what I wanted to pursue.
And then, I dropped out of college...
I had tried studying photography in school but wasn't learning anything I wanted to. I can't learn out of a text book. I can't learn from some old uncle bob no one has ever heard of that I don't connect with at all. I have to learn things on my own, doing things hands on, having things explained to me, making mistakes, fixing them, and reaching my goals.

So, I dropped out. It wasn’t the learning style for me. I knew there had to be a better way. I started reaching out to local photographers in my area to ask for guidance and mentoring in any big or small way I could get it.

I got shut down every time.
Photographers would tell me their information was their secrets, that it was absurd I would even ask for help.
I would get completely ignored, even if I was offering to pay for their help. I just felt really lost.
You can only watch so many youtube videos about this stuff before you get stuck. And I was stuck.
So I decided I never wanted to make anyone ever feel that way
Because that really, really freaking sucked. I could have been saved years of mistakes and mess ups so easily, but the "community over competition" movement was far from being a thing yet. So, I figured things out on my own. I worked hard, and now I'm to the point where I have a platform to share everything I know.
I watch netflix with my dogs, I'm trying to keep all of my houseplants from dying,
I have an unhealthy relationship with Chick fil a; I'm just trying to figure my way through this cool life we get to live.


I feel the same way about this work as I do my photography. I go through ruts with it. I question whether or not it's any good at times. I'll lose sleep for weeks while working on everything I put out to make it perfect. What makes it all worth the emotional roller coaster is how much these little nuggets of info can help people's businesses and passions in ways I never would have though. That's what I do this for.

I looove the format of this preset! I’m obsessed with the way you can change it to be a different style with just a couple clicks. As someone who doesn’t normally shoot “moody” or a super similar style, it was fun to play with the different feels while still being easy to make only a couple adjustments to match my style perfectly! This set isn’t going to be a one-size-fits-all in one click, but that’s not what presets are designed for!! They are made to help enhance your skills as an editor and give you new tools to create magic with. And this preset does exactly that! It is the perfect set of tools to take your editing to the next level.
Dayna Grace Photography

I have an photo inspiration board in my office, and I’ve always been so frustrated with my edits because I’ve always wanted this film dreamy soft tones and I have yet to figure it out. So basically these Honey presets are putting me to tears. I truly love that you only have ONE preset option, I think thats really smart! All your variations and brushes for the preset are great! I know you want brutal honest feedback, but I am truly obsessed! I love your educational video tutorials to help, you are so good about explaining all the bits + pieces, and being so encouraging about making it your own still.

Dawn Piebenga

Omg suchhh a different approach to presets!! Such a new and fresh take on it, that I personally think is what people need! This approach definitely informs people on how to USE the controls in Lightroom and what they affect, rather than clicking a preset and not even knowing what they are manipulating.

Kylie Morgan

Not gonna lie when I first heard India’s preset pack was only one preset with modifiers, I was a little skeptical. BUT HOLYYYY it is genius, I’m so stoked on them. The tones I can get in any lighting situation is pretty unreal, and brushes that are included have already changed my life. These presets give you room to learn your editing style, and I’ve already seen a huge improvement in my work just after editing one session. They are freaking timeless and I will probably use them for the rest of forever!

Kendal Walker