I believe in community over competition, so I don’t ever hold back sharing any “secrets.” I want to help you get that extra push, fill that missing piece, and get you out of that rut so you can find your spark.

India is such an incredible teacher! She knows just how to break things down into digestible chunks and explain how to improve without ever making you feel less than amazing. It’s obvious that she’s done her research and has the experience to back up the advice she gives. She knows her stuff! Definitely the best investment I’ve made to improve myself and my business. Not only was it 1000% worth the money, hanging out with India in any way, shape, or form just makes you a better person!
Dayna Turnblom
My mentor session with India was AMAZING! When I saw India open up her mentor sessions, I knew I had to have one! Not only has my artistry and creativity etc. gotten better, but the business side of things is running much smoother and I have her to thank. I love that I got to ask questions ahead of time I was a lot easier than trying to think of things on the spot. I love that she took the time to write out all the important notes and send them to me after our session. This was HUGE for me. It was way easier to sit and listen/learn instead of worrying about missing stuff because I was too busy trying to write notes! I highly recommend booking a mentor session with her, you will feel so refreshed and ready to take on the world!
Katie DelaCruz
I truly believe I would not be who I am today as a photographer without India. I did my first ever mentorship with her and she taught me SO much! Proper camera settings, Lightroom techniques to achieve the look I wanted, posing, etc. But more than that, Inda treated me like her friend. She never once made me feel like she was better than me or like she needed to hide anything. She was an open book and I could see how happy she was to teach me. She is so supportive and kind. Forever grateful for this girl.
Stephanie Fisher of From the Daisies

To the photographer out there questioning whether it’s worth it, or trying to decide whether to invest in themselves and their business by learning from someone they look up to, specifically India… FREAKING DO IT. India goes above and beyond to make sure that YOU get the most out of the experience too, and she’s just the best! Her work speaks for itself, and we all know how amazing of an artist she is, but that’s just the cherry on top of her sweet spirit and how giving she is. She’s such a great teacher, so passionate, and so kind and generous the share her knowledge with others so fearlessly, and you should take her up on it!

Deborah Hughes