Are you sick of workshop FOMO?

Cultivare Creative is your FOMO solution.

With their email subscription, you’ll never miss out on education opportunities by staying in the loop on all the educational products, workshops, and more!

What is Cultivare Creative?

Cultivare Creative is an email list and community focused on bettering the creative industry as a whole. It is created by Dayna Grace, a former photographer who realized her strengths lie in the behind-the-scenes “nitty gritty” work everyone else hates. So she’s created a place for creatives as individuals to rise to their best, while taking care of some of the back-end work all creators hate. Cultivare Creative is your one-stop solution for finding the education that fits your needs. They are a community making high-quality education more easily accessible and leveling the playing field.

Their email list

brings you weekly updates on education opportunities and resources ranging from online and in-person workshops to presets and mentoring. The best part is that they bring you regular discount codes and other premium content that makes your subscription more than worth it. They also have a free list which sends out once a month with workshop information!

My 3 Favorite things about Cultivare’s Premium Email List


Easy access to quality education, they bring the options right to your inbox! They help give you information to compare and find the right education for you.


Discounts and exclusive content on dozens of workshops and products means it pays for itself!


It costs less than a couple of cups of coffee each month, PLUS 10% goes to non-profits!

Okay cool, so how do we sign up?

Sign up below and use code INDIAEARL for 25% off your first year!


Thank you so much for sharing. it’s very inspiring seeing something like this. Keep up the good work!.