I love putting together gift guides made up of my favorite products! But this year I did it a little differently.

I created a gift guide that is not only made up of my favorite things, but it has an emphasis on supporting small businesses, artists and makers, and sustainable brands. Christmas is one of the most wasteful times of the year with more than 3,000,000 tons of waste created. That’s a 30% increase in waste compared to the rest of the year which is absolutely insane.

Instead of buying cheap gifts “so they have something to open”, supporting huge billion dollar corporations, or contribute to all the waste being created, to try have an eco-conscious holiday by shopping secondhand, making your gifts, gifting experiences, or if you have to buy – buy consciously. Enjoy!


Create memories instead of waste. Take a friend on a road trip, get them tickets to their favorite concert or play, give them a pottery class to take together, go skydiving, a day pass to a ski resort, take a cooking class, give an annual national parks pass, you can go wild here! I think this is more meaningful than any physical gift you could give to someone. Give your time to those you love, because in the end thats the most valuable thing you have to give. Get crafty with how you present the experience in a way they can open before you surprise them with it!

Gift Cards

Guess what? There’s nothing lame about gifting a gift card if you don’t know what to get. Give them an airbnb credit if they’re a travel lover, a gift card to a fancy local restaurant if they’re foodies, an REI gift card if they’re outdoor enthusiasts, or just take them on a little shopping spree at a local vintage market. Gift cards don’t have to be boring, they can still be personal!

Get Crafty

Make your gift! There are so many tutorials on youtube nowdays you can make so many fun gifts for so cheap, and they’re so much more meaningful that way! Make a little wooden table, take a pottery class to make some mugs, make your own perfume rollers, thrift and personalize some jean jackets with patches or embroidery, make a plant hanger out of macrame and include a plant. Heck, make a cat palace for their cat! There are so many possibilities here! 

Handmade Ceramics

If you know me you know I love ceramics. Some of my favorite shops include Coco Chispa, A Question of Eagles, Tina Vidak, and Ursala Basinger! Plus so many more on etsy. These are such beautiful and personal gifts, and they last forever!

Shop Secondhand + Vintage + Thrift!

If you know me, you know I love a good thrift or vintage item. It's such a thrill and isn't only great to save money and find unique one of a kind pieces you can't get anywhere else, but it's also a super fun way to find the perfect gift to give! Finding that perfect vintage t shirt or team jersey, a secondhand banjo, a unique mirror for their home, some rad cowboy boots, a vintage polaroid camera, a gorgeous piece of art, an amazing denim jacket you can personalize, a re-furbished record player from the 1950's, a mid-century nightstand you could gift with a plant on top, a turquoise and silver ring, the possibilities are endless and it can be so fun to go to antique stores with that person in mind. I love to check out local thrift shops, antique stores, vintage markets, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, and craigslist!

What are your favorite gifts to give that are eco-conscious, personal, or unique? Comment below to share yours!