December 14 - 2019


Holiday Gift Guide

by India

Pendleton Wool Blankets

I love these blankets because they’re QUALITY. You get what you pay for, especially with blankets. There are Pendleton coats and blankets I’ve seen that are over 40 years old. INSANE! Something else I admire about this brand is how much they honor, support, and care for the Native American artists who create these pieces.

Vintage Western Belt

Designed by yours truly in collaboration with Rose Anvil, these vintage western belts are just as durable as they are beautiful. Topped with an antique brass buckle and a southwest design!


Get Belts Here

Handmade Ceramics

If you know me you know I love ceramics. Some of my favorite shops include Coco Chispa, A Question of Eagles, Tina Vidak, and Ursala Basinger! Plus so many more on etsy. These are such beautiful and personal gifts, and they last forever!

Shop Secondhand + Vintage + Thrift

If you know me, you know I love a good thrift or vintage item. It’s such a thrill and isn’t only great to save money and find unique one of a kind pieces you can’t get anywhere else, but it’s also a super fun way to find the perfect gift to give! Finding that perfect vintage t shirt or team jersey, a secondhand banjo, a unique mirror for their home, some rad cowboy boots, a vintage polaroid camera, a gorgeous piece of art, an amazing denim jacket you can personalize, a re-furbished record player from the 1950’s, a mid-century nightstand you could gift with a plant on top, a turquoise and silver ring, the possibilities are endless and it can be so fun to go to antique stores with that person in mind. I love to check out local thrift shops, antique stores, vintage markets, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, and craigslist!

Stasher Bags

Give a gift that gives back to the planet, plus a portion of every Stasher sold goes to high-impact nonprofits doing good. These reusable bags can be popped in the oven, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, you name it! They’re amazing!


Get Bags Here

Reusable Cotton Bags

I don’t leave the house without these suckers, reusable cotton bags come in handy all the time and they save on so much plastic waste!


Get Bags Here

A beautiful pour-over coffee maker!

Simple, easy to use with timeless, elegant design — made of the highest quality, non-porous Borosilicate glass which will not absorb odors or chemical residues — allows coffee to be covered and refrigerated for reheating without losing flavor.


Get It Here

Coffee Sock

You can reuse them over and over again, rather than the single use paper filters.

Made from Organic Cotton — a responsibly produced, renewable resource


Get It Here

Terracotta Stone Diffuser

For the essential oil lovers — I recommend Doterra oils. 


Get It Here


Yay For Earth Face Lotion

Ethically made and sustainably sourced sensitive skin face lotion! It works like magic!


Get It Here



A Landscape Print

Framed wall art of beautiful corners of the earth, from my print shop!

Get It Here

Macrame wall hangings

Making your own macrame hangings, plant hangers, tassles, etc is actually so easy! Just order some cord off amazon or pick it up at your local craft store and get crazy on some youtube tutorials! Or if you prefer to support an artists (aka you’re lazy like me) get one off etsy!


Get It Here

Kombucha starter kit, for the health fanatic!

I love kombucha so much, but buying it all the time gets expensive. So I got this kombucha starter kit this fall and it’s been so fun to experiment with different flavors, fermenting, learning about the process, and best of all… its freaking easy and cheap. Any kombucha lover will love this kit!


Get It Here

Fat and the Moon Skin Care

You know how you always get the nasty-chemical-fake-scented bath and body works soaps from that person who doesn’t know what to get you? Give them this as an option instead! Medicinal, all natural, and ethically sourced skin care from Fat and the Moon is amazing! I also love skincare/bath bombs from Lush Organics!


Get It Here

Bamboo Squatty Potty

You’ll never poop the same again. In a good way. This also makes for an awesome wedding gift, and they’re honestly really pretty underneath your toilet!


Get It Here

DNA Test

I did this earlier this year and loved it. You can find out not only your family heritage, but which diseases or health concerns you may be pre-disposed for or that your children could carry. It’s so interesting and would be a great gift for a parent!


Get One Here

A Vintage Record Player

Who wouldn’t love a record player? They’re beautiful and everyone loves music so its a safe gift that can feel personal, and super fun to have for years to come. You could also gift them with a few of their favorite band’s records, and make a record stand for them out of wood and a few cool mid century modern legs you order off of amazon. Easy and rad.


Check Out These Options

Rosette Rugs

A vintage Turkish rug shop that my sweet friend owns. And they’re so well priced! Each rug is unique, one of a kind, and handmade. They’re so pretty in basically any style of home!

Blue Light Glasses

For the pal who works on a computer all day every day, is really into netflix and chilling, and stares at screens a lot! These blue light glasses are not only stylish but they’ll save your eyes from being strained from the screens we look at all day! I linked the pair I have, but there’s so many good options for guys and girls.


Get The Glasses

Baggu Totes

I am a sucker for beautiful and strong reusable bags, and they have so many different colors/patterns to choose from so it can feel really personal to whoever you purchase for! My friend who has a rabbit is getting the bunny hopping through the forest print. Also, hooray for helping the earth!


Shop Here

Carhartt Bibs for the Project Lover

I wear these all the time and actually just got a black pair to shoot weddings in! They’re so comfortable and awesome for anyone who loves doing projects, getting their hands dirty, is rough on their clothes, or just wants to look like Jason Mamoa. (@me haha)


Shop Here