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Can I open my products on a phone?
NO. Don’t try and download these products on your phone because it won’t work. You can purchase on your phone, but wait to click your download link until you hop onto a computer! If you accidentally try to open it on your phone and reach your download limit, reach out with your issue + order number on my contact page.
I’m getting a “you’ve reached your download limit” error, help!?
This happens because you’re only allowed to download each product once to prevent piracy, when you try opening it on a phone or if your internet glitches out while trying to download you’ll get this message when you try and click that link again. Reach out on my Say Hey page with your issue + order number/proof of purchase and I’ll get back to you within 48 business hours to resolve it!
Are your guides physical products?
Nope, they’re all digital downloads (save the trees!).
Do you offer in person mentor sessions?
I do, but I’m currently booked out for the rest of the year and I’m not accepting anymore so I can put my energy into more affordable education options for more people.
Do you offer in person workshops?
I will eventually, but as of right now no. You can catch me teaching at other workshops organized around the world though with other talented humans! Follow along on my instagram for updates on where I’m teaching and when!
Why online workshops?
I have a lot of reasons for this, but the main one is to make this education affordable for all the people who want to learn from me. Since I only accept a limited amount of in person mentor sessions per year, I wanted to offer something to people who weren’t able to attend one while keeping my schedule free so I can focus on more important things in life like traveling the world and my pups.
How do I know if you’re running a sale on your products?
If a product is on sale, it will be reflected on my site! Sometimes I run secret discounts for email subscribers, so if you’re into that, get on my list!
What if theres something I want to learn from you that isn’t offered?
LET ME KNOW! I’m always taking requests from people and once I get enough requests to make a guide or workshop on a particular subject I make it! Seriously, reach out with any ideas of what you’d like to learn from me and I’ll try and make it happen.