One-on-one Coaching with Mentor of Choice

This session will be all about you. Sit down with your mentor at a local cafe, one on one the day after the workshop.

Dive into the nitty gritty of your business, your site, your products, your struggles, and get professional advice perfectly tailored for your goals.


The Details

Can I record my session?

How are the 1:1 coaching sessions going to work?

Totally! This way, you can listen back and take notes so you can be fully present during your one on one without having to worry about scribbling everything down. Your mentor will also deliver any notes they took prepping for your session if they have any.

There are a limited amount of slots that each mentor has available. These are a first come first serve basis. Once they sell out, that mentor will not open up any additional spots.

What can I ask during my session?

When and where do the 1:1's take place?

Anything and everything. We will have you submit your top 5 questions beforehand in your questionnaire so we are prepared to help you as much as we can during your session, but we want it to feel as conversational as possible so feel free to ask away. This time is completely dedicated to you and making you money, so nothing's off the table!

All 1:1's will be held in a local coffee shop in downtown SLC the day after our workshop (August 18th). After booking, you'll be sent a link where you can pick and choose your preferred time slot!

What if something comes up and I can't make it?

How long are the 1:1 sessions?

No worries, we know life happens. We will schedule a virtual 1:1 instead!

The session is 30 minutes long. You'll receive an in depth questionnaire in advance to fill out that will help your mentor understand exactly where you're at, what you want to focus on, overview your site, and more. So once we sit down together, we dive right in so you can soak up as much as possible.


10 available spots

Sit down with a Sauce team member. Perfect for anyone looking to master their social media game, round out their brand,  executing a plan, or hiring a team while saving time and making money.



4 available spots

She's known for her quantum leap 1:1 mentoring style. Perfect for the entrepreneur needing help finding their next move, planning their success, and embodying a money making brand.



4 available spots

Perfect for the creative wanting to reform their idea of success and balance while creating a strategy that will make them rich in more ways than one. Dive into your pricing, setting yourself apart in your market, and giving yourself an edge in an oversaturated industry.