November 20 - 2018


Camera Harness Kickstarter

by Brett McCormack


Excited to announce the new camera harnesses my best friend Weston of Rose Anvil and I created.
We put blood, sweat, and hell of a lot of tries into these suckers to make them perfect.

Rose Anvil x India Earl Camera Harness

Handmade from quality leather treated from organic plant based sources, these are the only harnesses that don’t pinch skin, pull hair, or tear clothing because there are no moving pieces. They evenly distribute weight across the strongest parts of your entire body, not just your shoulders. We created them to be affordable for everyone, because it’s not just about ‘making money’.

I felt like I had tried all of the options out there. I would leave wedding days with shooting pains up and down my body that would last for days after. My hair would get shredded by the moving pieces of other harnesses, my neck would kill after wearing a neck strap for even an hour, I couldn’t rely on the security of other camera harnesses after losing a lens to one malfunctioning, the leather would feel like plastic and smell like chemicals, they were bulky and hard to pack down for travel, and none were designed with a woman’s body in mind.

Turns out I wasn’t the only one having these frustrations. After hearing complaint after complaint about the same things from other photographers I felt there had to be some innovation.

I told Weston all of my frustrations with my harnesses and he went to work. He created over 200 different designs (not joking) over the past 2 years, each one improving on the next, testing each one of them, making sure they were perfect. He narrowed it down to these 4 final designs, each one with different features and abilities.


Watch this video where Rose Anvil and I discuss all of the details and intentional thought behind the camera harness.


Our kickstarter has ended, but you can preorder yours HERE!