January 6 - 2019

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3 Small Things with Major Impacts for Clients

by India


Here are three small acts of service you can implement for your clients that go a really long way in making them feel special.
Plus, it will make their experience with you that much better!

01. Same Day Sneak Peeks

I love doing this because they always get so excited being able to see their images a few hours after the shoot or wedding! I typically always cull everything within the hour after I get home from shooting and send them my top 5-10 favorite images from the day so they have something to post and share with their friends + family! I tell them to be sure to have their loved ones tag me if they end up posting.

I’ve actually gotten a few inquiries from this as well since it drives a lot of attention from the guests to your work!! Win win! If you don’t have time or ability to do full-on edits from your computer right after shooting you can also edit a few sneaks from your phone! Some cameras have wifi abilities so you can send RAW image files straight to your phone. Once they’re on my phone, I’ll import them into Adobe Lightroom CC and edit them with my mobile presets!


Check ’em out here:


02. Small, Thoughtful Gifts.

I know there’s a lot of photographers that give generic welcome gifts that they give to all of their clients, which is great, but what I think really goes a long way are small, thoughtful gifts. These can be anything.

I try to pay attention to things that they mention, or anything that could feel like an inside joke between us, then pick up a little gift for them that plays into those things. For example, one time I bonded with a guy over our love for shitty taco bell food. So, I got him a gift card to taco bell and a taco pin. Another time my clients & I were shooting in the snow and their feet were freezing cold, so I sent them each a pair of wool socks. I had a bride mention how much she loved Bon Iver and I noticed she had a record player on Instagram so I sent her a Bon Iver record.

These types of things go such a long way and are so much more appreciated than any engraved wooden box filled with moss and a flash drive could ever be.

Surprise them as well with gifts they don’t expect! You could get a gift card for them to a local restaurant along with a handwritten note telling them to spend some time away from wedding stress and just focus on the two of them.

Or, you could send a thoughtful Christmas gift! Each year I send out a box stuffed full of personalized gifts to my clients and they are always so surprised! These details go a long way in making an impact and long-term relationship.

03. Personable Emails.

The same thing goes for emails — generic responses aren’t going to foster any sort of connection or trust between you and the your clients. (I have an entire guide written on the importance of this here).

A lot of your relationship is built off of your email experience with them and getting to know each other. It’s kind of like a blind date, so treat it like one rather than copying and pasting the same responses over & over.

I have clients tell me all the time that they felt a close connection with me from the first email back, which means so much to both of us!

Another little tip for emails: have automated anniversary emails set up for each couple that will gift them with a discount for ordering prints or an album and wishing them a happy anniversary! (You can also do this with holidays, birthdays, etc. from the provided templates0. I schedule mine to go out a few days before their anniversary so its on their mind and they get a little early celebratory treat from me! It also is nice because you’ll be able to make a little passive income off of it!

I automate this with my online gallery + shop, Pic-Time. Use this link (http://picti.net/DijU3) to get 2 free months of it if you wanna try it out. It’s pretty rad and my favorite online gallery + delivery system I’ve ever used. Plus, their customer service is amazing!