Here are 3 small acts of service you can implement for your clients that go a really long way in making them feel special. Plus, it will make their experience with you that much better!

Small, thoughtful gifts.

I know there’s a lot of photographers that give generic welcome gifts that they give to all of their clients, which is great, but what I think really goes a long way are small, thoughtful gifts. These can be anything. I try to pay attention to things that they mention, or anything that could feel like an inside joke between us, then pick up a little gift for them that plays into those things. For example, one time I bonded with a guy over our love for shitty taco bell food. So I got him a gift card to taco bell and a taco pin. Another time we were shooting in the snow and their feet were freezing cold, so I sent them each a pair of wool socks. I had a bride mention how much she loved Bon Iver and I noticed she had a record player on instagram so I sent her a Bon Iver record. These types of things go such a long way and are so much more appreciated than any engraved wooden box filled with moss and a flash drive could ever be.

Surprise them as well with gifts they don’t expect! You could get a gift card for them to a local restaurant along with a handwritten note telling them to spend some time away from wedding stress and just focusing on the two of them. Or a Christmas gift, each year I send out a box stuffed full of personalized gifts to my clients and they are always surprised!


India, you are the actual best!

you’re a freakin genius India. always appreciate your knowledge. xoxo

Thank you so much for this! SO helpful <3

ohhh I love these! we give client gifts but the personal, thoughtful gifts are a really good idea. thanks India!

Such helpful tips! I do send a generic welcome gift to all wedding couples. I love the idea of exploring more personal gifts. When you say you send Christmas/holiday gifts to all your clients, you mean every single one of them past and present?

Just to my clients for the past year :)