August 21 - 2020

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3 Facebook Ad Copy Ideas to Book You Solid This Year

by India

Answering FAQ In Your Ad Copy

What is that one big question you get asked constantly in your business?
One of the biggest questions i’ve been asked in my career is “What do you do with clients who aren’t used to being in front of the camera? We aren’t models.”
“Do you do site visits of our venue before our wedding day?”
When your clients ask questions, they are essentially communicating to you what is important to them. When you are able to understand a common thread between questions that are asked by many couples, that isn’t a coincidence. Your clients are telling you what they want to hear.
Take the time to pour through your past/current emails and identify the questions that are key in the planning process. This not only shows that you understand their needs, but shows a desire to preemptively serve them before they even have to ask about it. This is just one of the many ways that ad copy can come off truly caring about the things that matter to your clients. This builds trust.

Using 5 Star Glowing Reviews For Your Ad Copy

Now, I wouldn’t use this for each and every ad, but sometimes when I know that booking season is around the corner, or I am looking to attract people who have already been on my insta, I use this as my ace in the sleeve tactic to remind potential couples that I am someone that shows brand consistency.
It is important that the review you select isn’t one that just remarks at how good the pictures you take are, (because that is self explanatory through your photo that you post) you want to select a review that clues couples in to what the experience of working with you is like. When you are able to give a snapshot of your experience through your ad copy through the words of someone else that is sales MAGIC and you didn’t even have to lift a finger.
I would slap on ” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” at the top and space it out in a way that is very easy and digestible to read. This is going to be an ad copy tactic that saves you time, but reinforces your brand in a super strong way.

Ask Your Past Clients The EXACT Reason They Hired You & Use That To Reassure

This type of ad I like to call the reassurance ad. You gotta realize that these people are preparing to spend a LOT of money with you, and because of that, some reassurance may be necessary to get them to seal the deal.
I would reach out to all the clients you have worked with that you just ADORED, and I mean truly adore and ask them the very frank question “what made you decide to go with me as your photographer?” what their answer will be will likely surprise you (or maybe not) but it is the very thing that you need to be focusing on not only as your differentiator, but the very thing that seals the deal and compels people to want to hire you.
Now, my husband and I are a team of photographers, yet we were (and still are) super surprised to find that the very thing that was the reason they hired us, is a lot simpler than we thought.
“We really liked the fact that you are a husband and wife team, and that dynamic really compelled us to want to work with you”
That made it incredibly easy for us to then throw into our ad caption (this is the exact copy I used):
“Why do you need a Husband and Wife photography team for your wedding? Because You are getting the sum of two independently impressive photographers and the level of commitment and experience your day deserves.”
Notice how I didn’t really even obsess over grammar there. The goal of this is impact. You can make impact when you know what matters to your clients.


If you are trying to write ad copy that will inspire and entice someone to click, you have to understand them. This is a way that questionaires and even the types of questions you include in your form submission can give you all the tools you need to be able to speak to people directly.


Feedback from customers is a powerful thing. This is why big companies like Mcdonalds or Panda Express or Nike have questionaires at the ends of their receipts, they know if they can speak to what their customers likes and dislikes are, they are more likely to entice them to purchase again and again.


Reach out to the clients you have really enjoyed working with.

Facebook Ads

You can always use this as a template:


“Hey xxx and xxx, 

I just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with you this past year on xx/xx/xxxx. I was thinking about it, and I would honestly love to book more couples just like you, and I was wondering if you had a quick second to answer a few simple questions?

What drew you to my business?

What was the thing that made you want to seal the deal with me? 

What was the most memorable or enjoyable part of the experience?” 

Once you have those answers, rewrite their response as a benefit to working with you in your ad copy, and I promise you will come off more genuine, honest and caring about those who are interested in hiring you.

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