October 1 - 2019


3 Contact Page Must Haves

by India

I see so many photographers’ contact pages that are just a contact form and nothing else. Stop that right now! Your contact page can be one of the strongest pages on your site. When I say strongest, I mean it can be the most helpful to both you and your clients, help save both of you time, and help start off of the right foot together. Here are three must-haves every contact page needs:

1. Tell Them When To Expect a Response

Whether it’s 2 minutes or 2 days, this is a great way to set expectations upfront so that they can be understanding of your response time and reasoning. For me, I don’t personally like to be a slave to emails (goodbye email notifications forever!) and I don’t want clients who expect me to be at their beck and call 24/7 (you know the ones).

My response time is 2 business days because I take weekends and holidays off like any other business! So not only does it help me with my own relationship with work as a whole (yay mental health!), but it’s also comforting knowing that anyone who reaches out to me is accepting of my longer response times. Then on the client’s end, it’s nice because they won’t feel ignored and if they don’t get a response they know that the inquiry was never received and to send it again! Win, win, win… win!

2. Direct Them On Your FAQ page

Well first, if you don’t have a Frequently Asked Questions page, it’s time to get one! They are the greatest time savers for both you and your clients and it saves you from having a lot of those same initial conversations over and over again. I remind them to check my FAQ page before reaching out because it will probably answer any and all the questions they could have for me up front! This way, when people reach out, they basically are just wondering if I’m available and what my packages are then the booking process begins!

3. Get On The Same Page

You can keep this on a separate page (here’s mine as an example https://www.indiaearl.com/experience/) or put it into a few short sentences at the top of your contact form, but I think it’s so important to make sure you’re on the same page from the get-go.

If I could have made one big change in my contact form when I was first starting out this would be it, because now when people reach out to me they know EXACTLY what they’re getting into and the relationship is that much stronger from the get go. This makes things flow so much easier between you and the client and you’ll be able to know they trust you from the first email forward. Woohoo!

Initial Email Guide

If you want to learn more about the next steps to take once you get inquiries, check out my Initial Email Guide which will walk you through how to amp up your initial email back to your inquiries and how to build strong relationships in one email.


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Welp that's it!

Include these 3 things to take your blah contact page to something that is contributing to your business, creating efficiency in your workflow, and helping you and your clients feel good about each other from the beginning.