Free Workbook // Day 1


& Business

I created this FREE workbook designed to help you nail down exactly what’s feeling heavy, take inventory of what you need moving forward, and how to create solutions to stressors you’re experiencing while creating clear communication with your clients from the get go.

You can fill it out digitally (opened in Acrobat), print it out, or use the prompts and fill out your own notebook as you go.


Giveaway // Day 2

Group Coaching

I’ll be hosting an intimate group coaching call over zoom on Wednesday, December 1st at 6pm MST where I’ll coach 15 students on 3 subjects of their choosing. Even if you can’t make it live, you’ll be able to submit questions beforehand and access the recorded call forever!

How to Enter

Remember the Boundaries & Business Workbook and Video I shared yesterday? I want you to complete the exercises and use what you learned to enter.

To enter :

  • Post a photo/video/moment on your feed you’re proud of (it can be anything!). Make sure it’s on your feed, stories are too difficult to track for giveaways and I don’t want to miss your entry!
  • Write in the caption something you took away from the workbook exercises. This can be a shift you’re making going forward, where you’re at in your business now compared to last year, what you’re grateful for in your business, where you’re putting your energy. Whatever you feel called to share along these lines gets an entry!
  • Be sure to tag me @indiaearl both in the comments and the image itself so I can make sure to not miss your entry!
  • Deadline is Thursday the 18th, winner will be announced Friday November 19th!

    Bundle // Day 3

    The Client Workflow Starter Kit

    The Client Workflow Starter Kit

  • Initial Email Guide ( worth $100)
  • Guiding What to Wear ( worth $100)
  • Presenting Your Pricing( worth $100)
  • This bundle is perfect for the photographer that is working to nail down a client workflow with easy communication, natural connection, and setting expectations from the get go to be able to give them the best experience from the moment they reach out to when they receive their photos!

    You’ll learn how to communicate with them from the get go with a powerful initial email to kick off the connection, how to structure your pricing from a psychological standpoint so they grasp your full value as an artist, and how to approach giving them the best photos by helping them understand color theory & light through what they wear to their shoot with you.

    Already have one of these guides? I’ve got you.

    They’re priced individually for $20 (save $80 each!)


    Free Tools // Day 4

    FREE Solis Brush

    Spark your creativity with a FREE brush from my Solis set! I created these editing brushes to give you the power to create gorgeous sun flares and glass & golden haze effects in your images to take them to the next level.

    My Solis Pack is perfect for any photographer wanting to get more creative with their editing process, have natural ways to bring attention to the subject, seamlessly cover up distractions, and amplify already present natural lighting.





    If you’ve been on the fence about these editing tools, now’s the time to get them. This is the biggest and only sale we run all year, so hop on it!


    The Light Leaks are perfect for any photographer wanting to get more creative with their editing process by emulating the classic look of film’s light leaks. Use them to draw attention to your subject, seamlessly cover up distractions, and amplify nostalgia in your work.




    Winners // Day 5

    Winners of the FREE Coaching Call










    Dm @indiaearl to claim your prize info!

    Giveaway // Day 6


    How to Enter:

  • Go to the Giveaway Post @indiaearl (link below)
  • Share the post on your story
  • Let us know why you want to win!
  • 3 winners will receive any harness of their choice (color, style, etc)
  • Winners will be chosen & announced Wednesday November 24!


    Tips & Tricks // Day 7



    Money — Energy

    Now - money feels like energy

    I know that It's on the forefront of our minds right now with the holidays approaching and the year wrapping up. It can be an exciting subject for some, dreadful for others.So I wanted to share a few of my favorite resources that have helped me over the years shift my narratives and feelings towards money so you can start that journey for yourself too!

    Personally, money used to feel like something that only created stress, wanting money was “bad”, and there would never be enough. I finally realized that if I always had this outlook on money, it was going to always feel this way to me.

    It feels easy, light, and empowering. I never thought I would be able to have that mindset on it, and it didn’t come with making more of it. I had to switch this mindset before I would be able to open myself up to the possibilites of making more, and once I did : it flowed to my business. I couldn’t have done that without first fixing my mindset around money.

    Here are a few resources

    Heal your Mindset & Save Money

    One of my favorite books about money is "I will teach you to be rich" by Ramit Sethi. This is one of my favorite interviews with him, he's so great at breaking everything down into actionable tasks you can do today, regardless of what your bank account looks like.

    More importantly, he really helps you hone in on what it means to live a rich life and how to do that without sacrificing any of the things you love.

    Be sure to listen to both parts 1 and 2!

    Honey Extension


    There's a million money managing apps out there, but I specifically love Truebill. I always used mint but realized I had tons of ongoing subscriptions I was forgetting about. I also wanted to set up an automated savings deposit system each week which Truebill does!

    If you're not a fan of your current money managing app try this one out, even if you just download it to cancel subscriptions. Woohoo!

    A handy chrome extension I've been loving this past year. It's especially nicee for shopping for the holidays, Honey automatically searches the Interenet and applies coupons for you at checkout. Easy saving!

    Join Here

    Freebie // Day 8

    FREE Brush Set

    My 3 must have Lightroom brushes

    I'm giving away my top 3 must-have brushes from my Honey Preset pack so you can save time and create better photos.


    Brushes Included:





    Fixer upper


    My take on the classic burn brush with some tweaks made to the contrast, saturation, and exposure sliders to bring an extra punch to shadows you're dropping in your images.

    My gentle version of classic dodge brush to bring attention to your subject and make natural existing light glow like magic.

    My go to skin editing brush. It smoothes out blemishes without losing texture, balances skin tones, and gently brightens.


    Black Friday